10 Innovative Web Design Trends in 2019 You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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It’s one thing to have a website that’s well-optimized and ranks high on Google, and another to actually capture the attention of your target market. Creating an innovative, visually engaging website is just as important as getting a high rate of traffic and conversions. 

Put simply, one aspect of web design does not work without the other. You need both targeted keywords and cutting-edge visuals to create a successful site. You should focus on using the right colors and fonts in the same way you stress strong link building and paid search efforts.

If you’re not sure what kind of web design approach is best, don’t worry. 

The key to creating an innovative site is to pay attention to where design trends are headed. Here are 10 of the top design trends in 2019 you need to start using right now.

1. Chatbots and AI

Some companies have already started using chatbots, but only when a user goes to a customer service page or when they’re checking out. A select few have adopted the use of chatbots throughout their website, which is exactly what you need to do. 

This is best done with AI. Artificial Intelligence is what allows a chatbot to understand the specific needs of a user as he/she goes from page to page. It’s what gives your chatbots the ability to answer a simple question for one user and solve a more complex issue for another, all at the same time. 

2. Bold Typography

Bold typography doesn’t work well when it’s used in chat boxes. But, it’s incredibly impressive when it’s placed in the right spot.

Explore the thought of turning your welcome header into a bolder, more creative design. See what one of your landing pages looks like if you switch the font from sans serif to serif. These simple edits can make all the difference as users visit your site. 

3. Organic Shapes

The next way to upgrade your website’s visual appeal is to make better use of organic shapes. This over-arching term refers to graphics which represent things people are used to seeing in their daily life.

They can look like people, trees, cars, animals, office supplies, and much, much more. Organic shapes also include abstract designs that don’t fit a standard shape. Such creations may have rippled edges or curved lines; they’re not like the average square or circle. 

4. Micro-Interactions 

The main benefit of using organic shapes in web design is the natural feeling they create. These shapes are familiar and easy for users to understand.

Micro-interactions provide the same results. These are animated movements that occur after a person clicks a button or scrolls further down a page. They make a user feel more connected to everything they’re doing on a screen because it feels like the website is directly engaging with them in response to their actions.

5. Moving Backgrounds 

Video backgrounds are another moving element you’re sure to see more of in 2019. It’s not enough to use eye-catching colors and invest in custom photos anymore. You have to make your website feel larger than life by using integrated videos to keep users engaged. 

These videos typically start playing whenever a page is done loading. They may have audio or be silent. The point is to tell people a little more about who you are and what you do without using text to do it.

6. Glitch Art

This is arguably the most surprising web design trend on the entire list. Glitch art is meant to make users do a double-take. It turns a standard graphic design element into a much more eye-catching, interesting part of your website. 

Think about it: we’re long past the days of dial-up and slow computers. It’s not natural to see things glitch on a screen anymore. When they do, it’s something people can’t ignore.

As such, putting one or two glitching elements on your screen is sure to make you stand out in the minds of users. It creates a memorable, interesting interaction completely unlike what people are expecting.

7. White Space

White space has been used in web design for quite some time. It’s a trend that keeps on growing and cannot be ignored any longer. Not to mention, it does a good job of balancing out the more busy web design elements listed here. 

Imagine what your website would look like if you combined organic shapes with the use of white space. Take a second to picture how much more your bold typography would pop if you used white space around your text. 

These are just a few ways that a little less color can do a lot of good for your site.

8. Minimalism

White space and minimalism can go hand in hand, but they don’t have to. It’s possible to create a minimalistic design that has no whitespace whatsoever. More so, a website can make use of white space and still not be considered minimalist. 

Still, it’s worth seeing what your site would look like if you scale things back a bit. When you put fewer elements on a screen you make it much easier for users to focus on the main idea. Your brand is clearly represented and your products/services become a little more interesting, too.

9. Dynamic Scrolling 

How many landing pages does your website currently have? 

If you’ve created one page for every single aspect of your site, it’s time to switch things up. Dynamic scrolling is making a big comeback in 2019 and you have to be prepared for it.

Instead of building out your site to be on a bunch of different pages, combine different pieces of information onto one page. The key to doing this is to create movement throughout the page. Your web design should make people want to keep scrolling, kind of like this company has done.

10. Personalized UX 

Last but not least, personalized UX. Whether you have a few hundred or a couple thousand people visiting your website every day, you need to make each user feel valued.

Personalized UX is one of the best ways to achieve this. It allows you to make subtle changes to what users see on the screen depending on their behaviors. These changes are generated automatically as individuals scroll through your site and click on different pages.

Make Yourself Known with These Top Web Design Trends in 2019

You can read about the top web design trends in 2019 all you want, but it’s only when you start to implement some of these things that you’ll start to see results. 

Keep in mind you don’t have to use every single trend on this list. However, it’s a good idea to combine a few of them and see how they can complement one another.

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