DUI Conviction

DUI Conviction: What Happens After?

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Driving under the influence is a serious offense, and it could potentially be a deadly one. This is because every year in the United States, over 10,000 people lose their lives because of drunk driving. 

You may end up having a DUI conviction on your record on top of that. But, this is what happens after you get that conviction. 

Losing Your License

The first immediate impact on your life is going to be the fact that you will have a suspended license. How long this lasts depends on if it is your first offense and what stay you have your DUI arrest in. 

For some states, this can be as little as three months. For other states, this can be up to a year on a first offense. If you have multiple offenses, you can lose your license for 5-10 years, and perhaps permanently. 

Regardless, if you are someone that relies on driving yourself around, you are going to have to find yourself another mode of transportation for a while if you get convicted for a DUI. 

Fines and Expenses

The next thing you will notice after you get charged with a DUI is that it is going to cost you a lot of money. A common saying is that one DUI can cost you $10,000 in total expenses. 

There are a few factors that play into that expense, with the first being criminal fines for committing the act. This can result in a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars depending on the severity and if you are a repeat offender.

Then, you are going to have to pay your lawyer, assuming you hire one, which will be a few thousand dollars by itself. Also, you will have to pay for any programs you get assigned to take part in, and any rise in your car insurance because of a DUI. 

For the latter, that can at least double your premiums. But, if you get charged with a DUI, be prepared to open your wallet. 


Finally, you will most likely be required to take part in educational programs that discuss the dangers that alcohol and/or drugs can bring. You are going to have to do these for a certain amount of hours, and you will have a therapist or counselor assigned to you in all likelihood. 

Also, one option that you might have if you decide that you need more serious help because of this incident is to get a clinical drug and alcohol evaluation.

That type of program can put you in a calmer environment and get you away from your vices to start a more long-term recovery process from possible alcohol and/or drug addiction. 

Avoid a DUI Conviction 

Truthfully, the best thing to do is to avoid a DUI conviction altogether and drink responsibly or use legal drugs responsibly. If you find yourself having problems with these, though, there are programs that are designed to help you. 

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