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5 Interesting Facts About the Cannabis Flower

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The cannabis flower grows on the cannabis plant, which is originally from the steppes of Asia and can grow to over 16 feet tall.

This flower has played a large part in our history and culture over the years. If you are interested to learn more, we have brought together five fascinating facts about the cannabis flower, its origins, and its uses.

Read on to see what you know about this multi-useful plant.

1. George Washington Grew The Hemp Flower

When used commercially, we call the cannabis plant hemp. Hemp can make many different products, including rope, clothes, ship sails, bags, and fishing nets. Back in the day, at his Mount Vernon plantation, George Washington produced all kinds of hemp products for the local markets.

They weren’t aware of the health benefits of CBD products at the time, but now we can use the cannabis flower for lots more than just hemp goods.

2. The Cannabis Flower is Related to the Hops Plant

A flower from two related plants produces both cannabis and beer. Hops are green-cone-shaped flowers from the Humulus lupulus plant, and this plant is a cousin of the cannabis flower as they are in the same family, Cannabaceae.

Both plants produce flowers that can create products, but there are no cannabinoids in hops. Also, it has a bitter taste which many will recognize as the flavor of beer.

3. They Were Found in William Shakespeares Garden

Archaeologists have recently uncovered that the great bard from England may have used the cannabis flower for some of his inspiration. A recent excavation in the playwright’s garden revealed a pipe dating to the era when Shakespeare himself would have been living at the property.

The pipe contained traces of the cannabis flower within the bowl, and archaeologists have suggested that it is possible that Shakespeare could have smoked it possibly while he mused on the iambic pentameter of his very next play.

4. The USA Grows the Most Cannabis Flowers

Out of all the countries in the world, the USA produces the most cannabis flowers. Many are made into CBD flower products and oils or used in hemp production.

Just behind in the list are Morrocco, Colombia, Afghanistan, and Mexico. Go USA!

5. We Have Grown It For 12,000 Years

We have known about the benefits of the hemp flower for over 12,000 years, and there is archaeological evidence to suggest it was one of the first cultivated products in the world.

We have come a long way in cannabis flower production since these stone-age beginnings. Now, companies like Maripharm produce standardized and high-quality cannabis flowers from seed to bud. They make a great range of CBD products as one of the oldest cannabis companies in the world.

What Is The Cannabis Flower?

The cannabis flower has been part of our history for centuries. We have eaten, smoked, and created a massive range of products from this hardy plant. They buried Bob Marley with a cannabis flower in his hand.

The cannabis flower has and always will be an essential part of our culture.

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