Spice up Your Marriage

How to Spice up Your Marriage

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We all know how the story goes. Strangers meet and can’t get enough of each other. They grow from strangers to lovers. Then from lovers to partners in life. And pretty soon after tying the knot, they’re tying their kids’ shoes before sending them off to school.

And somewhere along the way… things get a little less, well, spicy. The “I love yous” starts to sound the same, and sex becomes routine… if there’s any sex at all! So how do you save your marriage from going bland? 

We’ve got your back. Keep reading for our guide on how to spice up your marriage.

Redefine Touch and Intimacy

Are you resorting to waiting to make moves in the bedroom to get intimate with your partner? Think again! If you only think of intimacy as sex, you’re missing out on a plethora of opportunities to get close with your partner.

Hugs, caresses, hand-holds, and even back rubs are all intimate ways to touch your partner and remind them you love and care for them. Lovingly touching your partner outside the bedroom will only help grow the intimacy between you both!

Beyond touch, carving out time for meaningful, intimate conversations and gestures is important. Deeply listen to your partner when they tell you about their day, and get vulnerable about how you’re feeling. Try surprising them with a special activity or dinner after a long day to show your excitement to be together.

Get Adventurous in and Out of the Bedroom

When was the last time you and your partner shared a new activity together? Exploring a new hobby or taking on a new adventure is the perfect way to rediscover why you fell in love in the first place. Take that long put-off vacation together and cross something off the bucket list. Or, you can keep it small and try hobbies like painting, dancing, or hiking!

Once you’ve gotten adventurous outside the bedroom, consider bringing the adventure home with you. Brainstorm new ways to kick it up a notch in your sex life and get rid of the same old boring routine. How spicy you like your time in the bedroom is up to you and your partner, so make sure you’re deciding how hot you like it together!

Your idea of spice could be wearing new lingerie, roleplaying, or redecorating to set the mood. No matter what, the effort to try something new and exciting can reignite the spark. 

Consult Outside Sources

Has your marriage become sexless, and now you’re looking for that magical dead bedroom fix? There are many books and guides dedicated to getting your marriage out of that rut that you can look into.

But before things go south, consider seeing a marriage consultant together! This isn’t the most fun of options, but a lack of spice could indicate a deeper issue in the marriage. Couples therapists and marital counselors are there to help, and there’s nothing you can share that’d be too embarrassing. Believe me, they’ve heard a lot worse! 

The Best Tips on How to Spice up Your Marriage

Now you know how to spice up your marriage, and that the key to it lies in far more than just getting spicy in the bedroom. With these tips, you can work to dig your marriage out of a temporary rut or prevent it from falling into one! As long as you and your partner mutually love and care for the relationship, you can make it happen.

For more marriage tips and to learn more about creating a positive lifestyle, keep browsing the blog! 

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