Types of Manufacturing Processes

The Different Types of Manufacturing Processes That Exist Today

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If the manufacturing industry was a country, it would have the eighth-largest economy in the world. American manufacturing contributes trillions to the economy.

There are still many opportunities in American manufacturing, despite stiff and cheaper competition elsewhere in the world. Ecommerce sales and supply chain issues made many realize the importance of having products manufactured in the U.S.

Whether you’re selling products, testing prototypes, or want to start a manufacturing plant, you need to know the types of manufacturing processes. Read on to discover the main manufacturing processes.

3D Printing

There is growing acceptance of 3D printing within the manufacturing industry. Some outright call it a manufacturing process.

3D printing uses a digital model rather than physical labor to produce the final product. It’s widely used in prototype testing and to produce certain types of products.

Medical devices, instruments, and even structures are built by 3D printing processes.

Repetitive Manufacturing

Manufacturers that need to produce a consistent line of products rely on repetitive manufacturing. Consumer electronics and car manufacturers are examples of repetitive manufacturing.

Products make their way through the production line and get assembled. There are no variations in processes, which allows for a consistent and reliable product every time.

Batch Process Manufacturing

Batch manufacturing is used in the food industry. There are food companies that have several product lines. Each product line gets produced in batches.

The equipment gets cleaned and ready for the next batch of the product line.

An example is an Italian sauce company. They have a sauce with basil, one with mushrooms, and another with a cream base. Each has its own recipe and set of ingredients.

Job Shop Manufacturing

High-quality handcrafted products need attention to detail and an individual’s touch. That’s what job shop manufacturing allows.

You handcraft your products, giving each one a unique identity. Furniture, crafts, and other small-batch goods are a good fit for this manufacturing process.  

How to Manage Manufacturing Processes

There are times when you have to use different manufacturing processes at your plant. A car manufacturer uses stamping to turn sheets of steel into the body of a vehicle.

Another process involves joining parts together to create a solid, durable vehicle. There are hundreds of other manufacturing processes used.

How can manufacturers manage the different types of manufacturing processes? ERP software for manufacturing is the best way. There are ERP platforms that integrate with payroll and all areas of your supply chain.

You can use ERP to manage every step of individual manufacturing processes.

You’ll find several ERP vendors like IFS, Oracle, and SAP, among others. Evaluate your budget and the IFS software cost compared to other vendors. Make sure the ERP vendor specializes in your industry and integrates with your existing systems.

Understanding the Types of Manufacturing Processes

The manufacturing industry is turning around. If you want to be at the forefront, understand the different types of manufacturing processes.

You’ll be able to manage your supply chain and create durable products that people love.

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