Bad at Sex

I Think I’m Bad at Sex! What Should I Do?

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You roll over in bed after a one-night stand, only to find the spot next to you empty. You text your partner from the last night to ask if they had fun. They leave you on Read for a full hour before texting you back to say, “It was fine.”

They might be too shy to say it outright, but their responses couldn’t make it clearer. They think you’re bad in bed. So, now what? How can you fix this problem? Here’s what you need to know.

Explore Yourself

Look, whether you and your partner are the same sex or not, you can’t know what pleases your partner until you know what pleases you. Masturbation is a normal and healthy practice that will help you better understand what makes your body tick. If you know how your body works, you can find potential pleasure points for your partners as well.

Communicate With Your Partner

In relationships and sexual encounters, one principle remains constant: Communication is key to a good experience. You need to speak with your partners about their interests and desires before, during, and after the encounter. 

You should also take time to listen to your partner while you’re going at it. One of the biggest signs you’re bad in bed is that you refuse to listen. We get that it can be difficult to get out of your own head for long enough to do this, but if you listen to their noises and words, you’ll get a better idea of what turns them on.

Conduct Research

“Research” and “sex” sound like two diametrically opposed terms. However, you should make doing research on anatomy, positions, kinks, and other fun things to do in bed a priority. If you have a paralyzing fear of being bad in bed, conducting research like this can help you understand what’s worked for other people and may work for you.

Bad In Bed Alone? Consider Using Toys!

Toys and physical partners are not in competition. We’ll repeat this fact until we’re blue in the face. You and your partner can still enjoy yourselves with sex toys in the mix. (You can find more info about your options online.)

Look, we understand. There’s a great deal of stigma attached to using toys in the bedroom. It may feel like a blow to your ego to use a toy for your partner’s benefit. But if you want to stop having bad sex in bed, you need to ask yourself what’s more important: Your wounded ego, or your partner’s pleasure?

If you answered the former, then it’s no wonder people think you’re bad in bed. No one enjoys a selfish lover.

Need More Red Hot Tips?

No one wants to be told they’re bad in bed. However, you can always improve your abilities if you take time to research and communicate, explore yourself, and set your ego aside for your partner’s pleasure. And if you need more tips to improve your romantic life, check out our blog today for more information!

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