Delta-8 THC

A New Way to Use Cannabis: The Benefits of Delta-8 THC

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Cannabis continues to bring marvels with its wondrous health benefits. As the years pass, more discoveries come to light.

With CBD in the picture, we see how it can help as an organic treatment option for various health problems. Among these include chronic pain and epilepsy. We see this in products that incorporate CBD oil coming into the market.

Now, we also see the THC component come to play as it also showed a good number of health benefits. We see products using Delta-9 THC, coming alongside CBD. We also have Delta-8 THC joining in.

Want to know more about the medicinal and recreational benefits of THC products?

Today, we will look at what Delta-8 THC does. We will explore how it works and what benefits it can provide you upon intake.

1. What is Delta-8 THC?

To start, let us look at what Delta-8 THC is. This is a THC extract taken from cannabis and it has some close similarities to the Delta-9 THC.

The difference is in the atomic bonds. This detail gives Delta-8 a small yet distinct difference from Delta-9.

Even with this distinction, Delta-8 THC still delivers on the potency aspect. Though when compared to Delta-9, Delta-8 is a notch weaker. The effects of Delta-8 are also different from what Delta-9 brings out when used.

As a refresher, what differentiates THC from CBD is in the effects they provide. In this case, THC is the component or extract that affects the mind. This is what causes the high when ingested or smoked.

With that said, Delta-8 THC has the capability to make you high. Although it is at a weaker degree when compared to Delta-9 THC.

Stability is another notable property that Delta-8 THC has. It also has the capability to not turn into cannabinol.

Delta-8 THC also has a longer lifespan than other variants. Because of this, using Delta-8 THC as a medicinal compound makes it an attractive choice.

2. How Does Delta-8 THC Work?

Delta-8 THC has this unique molecular structure. This elicits a response from the cannabinoid receptors within the body. This particular THC extract bonds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

For a quick note, the CB1 receptors are in the brain. Meanwhile, the CB2 receptors are within the digestive and immune systems.

Due to its unique structure, Delta-8 THC bonds with the CB2 receptors more than the CB1. This is what reduces the side effects that affect the brain. You get to enjoy the health benefits without the psychoactive elements taking over.

This is what explains the reduced “high” after taking a dose of Delta-8 THC. It still provides the needed health benefits. Of course, without affecting your brain with muddling effects.

3. Physical Health Benefits Gained from Using Delta-8 THC

Before you go and order some Delta-8 THC gummies and other related products, pause for a moment. How does it help your body?

Delta-8 THC does pose a lot of interesting effects. Despite the fact that THC is the one responsible for the psychoactive effects.

You can check out this explanation for more details. With that said, we will take a glance at how the Delta-8 THC helps your body. Here are some of those effects.


What are the benefits that you can take advantage of? One of them is its capability to mitigate any form of swelling or inflammation.

If you need alternatives to address the swelling of muscles, you can try products with Delta-8 THC. This can also bring in other effects to kick in.

Stimulates Appetite

If you ever find yourself having problems with your appetite, a dose of Delta-8 should help you regain it. Even with a small dose of this THC extract, your body would gain its momentum.

During initial lab tests, the THC-treated mice displayed an increase in activity. That also comes with an increase in appetite.

Even in small amounts, the increase in food intake also came with something more. It came with an improvement in cognitive function.

This is a good option to test out if you find yourself in a state where your appetite holds you back. It lends well to treating weight disorders as an organic treatment option.

Pain Relief

Together with its properties in mitigating inflammation, this also provides pain relief. This makes it a fitting choice for treating chronic pain.

It is also a great alternative when compared to other pain medications. Some of the medications in pharmacies can cause adverse effects on internal organs.

This makes Delta-8 THC an effective pain medication. Combined with its psychoactive effect, it provides an increase in cognitive function. This allows for better performance when conducting various duties.

4. Mental Health Benefits Gained from Using Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 THC can also benefit the user’s mental health and cognitive functions. Will Delta-8 THC get you high? Yes, but it provides a different effect when compared to the Delta-9.

In this case, Delta-9 has an intense potency and a rather sedative effect. Using Delta-8 THC results in a relaxed yet clear-headed experience. This allows you to function better.

Treatment for Anxiety

One of the benefits of using Delta-8 THC is in how it has the capability of improving the person’s mood after taking it. This makes it a great option as a treatment for anxiety and depression.

In comparison, increasing the intake of Delta-9 might end up in Paranoia and Anxiety. Of course, as a side effect, this could occur when using THC in higher doses. We will go into detail about that later.

As such, it is an easier treatment option to control and use. This is due to how it provides a clear-headed high instead of a sedated high. It can calm a person down while providing a more focused state of mind.

Treats Nausea

This tends to connect both mind and body as it affects perception. Once nausea hits, the body ends up following with vomiting and other effects. Delta-8 THC can treat nausea by ingesting it.

Because of this, Delta-8 stands as a sort of middle ground. It can stand out as an in-between with Hemp and Delta-9 as the other polar ends.

5. Side Effects of Delta-8 THC

With responsible use, Delta-8 THC is a helpful alternative. When Delta-9 proves too much, you have Delta-8 to test out instead.

It does provide a great set of beneficial effects. Even so, it also comes with its host of side-effects when overdone. Even pro THC users must exercise proper care when dealing with this drug.

Here are some side-effects to look out for. There is a possibility that you might encounter them, some of which due to using too much.


While not as intense as when you use Delta-9, you can still encounter anxiety as a side effect if you use up too much of it. In this case, take the dosage slow and small.

Your body’s sensitivity differs from everyone’s. This means the effect might be different as well.

As a word of caution, start with small doses until you feel comfortable. This should let you stay calm and relaxed while letting the cannabinoid take effect.

Dry Mouth

This is a temporary side effect that you might encounter. This only lasts as long as Delta-8 is still in your body.

While using this, increase your water intake to ensure your body stays hydrated. The effect lasts as long as the cannabinoid is in your body. It wears off in time.

Dry and Red Eyes

Another temporary side effect that you might encounter after taking Delta-8 THC. With this, your eyes would go red and dry while the THC is in effect. It can feel rather uncomfortable with the lack of moisture.

A good remedy to have with you are some moisturizing eye drops. This can help with the irritation and dryness while experiencing the effects.

Brain Fog and Grogginess

For some, they would experience this side effect when subjected to higher doses of Delta-8 THC. This makes them feel groggy for a bit and it might even cause them to feel drowsy and sleep it out.

This also comes with disorientation. As well as a mild degree of lightheadedness, and some brain fog. This basically leaves the subject disorganized and unable to focus.

Disorientation and confusion will last as long as the cannabinoid is in effect. Once it wears off, so do the side effects.

Body High and Couch Lock

There are two types of highs that a person can encounter when taking THC. One of these manifests on the body, which one would encounter when taking too much Delta-8 THC.

One of these side effects is the couch lock. This may lead to over-awareness that can cause anxiety and temporary numbness. This could also manifest via twitching and either cold or warm sensations.

A user may also encounter heart palpitations. While Delta-9 is a notable culprit for this side effect, Delta-8 is mild on matters involving the heart.

Mind High and Altered Consciousness

The most notable of the two highs is the one involving the mind. In this case, it involves getting thrown into an altered state of consciousness. One would best describe it as the subject being “too much in their head.”

The effect of such a situation would be hard to have cohesive thoughts. It leaves them unable to track their surroundings and be in a state of alertness or awareness. Do note that this occurs due to the immense amount of THC administered.

Impedance in Activities

Too much THC can also lead to work and activity interference. The cannabinoid affects your hand-eye coordination, your cognitive abilities, and your physical capabilities. Though this would be the case if you took in too much.

This can affect your capability to work or even drive properly. The best suggestion in taking THC is when you are off-duty and are going to be in one place.


The high caused by Delta-8 THC can also be the type that can catch you off guard. It’s best to ensure you don’t have any important responsibilities to take on prior to using it at that moment. You also need to observe the appropriate wait times depending on your usage.

6. Ways to Prevent Side Effects

Discretion is an important part when taking THC or any form of cannabinoid. This also applies to Delta-8 THC. Even with milder effects and the high you get, it proves well to exercise discretion.

The main tip here is to not take too much at a single time. Rather, take the recommended dosage. Most of the side effects mentioned occur due to taking too much.

Is Delta-8 THC safe? Yes, it is. However, because this is THC, proper use and discretion are still advised.

7. Is Delta-8 THC Legal?

The answer to this is yes. Although, you still need to ensure that the trace contents of Delta-9 THC are at .3% or less. This also means that if you take too much Delta-8 THC, you would end up popping up positive in a drug test.

Delta-8 THC Can Get You the Clear-Headed High That You Need

This may be the advantage that you can get with Delta-8 THC. Compared to Delta-9 THC, the high that this provides is more of a relaxed and clear-headed one. It provides a lot of therapeutic effects that may be helpful for your situation.

Even so, you need to practice proper discretion and moderation. The good thing is that you can get this in various forms, such as gummies and edibles. You can even have it for smoking or as a vape.

Give this a try for a relaxed sensation and treatment for chronic pain and other health problems. If you found this article helpful, you can check out our other articles today. We take on a wide variety of topics that may catch your attention and suit your needs, such as this one.

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