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10 Amazing Uses For Paper Clips

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Americans buy 11 billion paperclips a year. That’s like every man, woman, child, and baby having 35 pieces just for themselves.

Most of us think about these accessories in a practical manner: to hug two or more pieces of paper together so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Don’t get it wrong: paper clips are a staple [pun intended] when it comes to office supplies and overall home organization. Yet, they’re so much more than that! You’ll be amazed by how much these accessories can do.

While there are countless uses for this 120-year-old invention, today we’ll talk about 10 reasons you should always have some readily available.

1. Let’s Talk Jewelry

When it comes to you getting dolled up for an evening, a paper clip is must have for your bag. If your necklace or bracelet clasp comes undone, this is a quick solution to hold together those broken ends.

Paper clips also work as jewelry. Make yourself some earrings, necklaces, or even a trendy bracelet to accessorize your day-to-day looks.

A lot of the jewelry projects are so easy that your kids can help – and add a little more trendiness to their looks too.

2. Paper Clips En Vogue

Paper clips can literally help you pull an outfit together.

Need a safety pin, and you’re in a bind? With about five minutes and the know-how, a paper clip can easily fix your broken jeans’ zipper, replace a missing button, or keep your belt up.

It can even be used to tie those pesky bra straps together in a sleeveless shirt.

3. [Don’t] Let Your Hair Down

Ever need a bobby pin, but you just can’t seem to find one?

They make a perfect replacement when you are in this bind. Since they come in such a wide array of colors, you can either choose one to match your hair color, or a neon one to add some zest.

4. Kitchen Magic

Paper clips can be used for so many things in the kitchen.

Lost the bread tie?

Salt and pepper shakers clogged?

Don’t have enough vegetable skewers?

Lost your cherry pitter?

Want your bagged snacks to stay fresher longer? You guessed them all: paper clip.

It is almost a 100 percent guarantee that once you put some in your kitchen, you’ll find a reason (or 10) to use them in there.

5. Supplies to Help You Calm Down

While fidget spinners became a recreational toy fast, their original purpose was to aid people with their anxiety.

Millions of fidget spinners have been sold all over the world, but you can save your seven dollars with a paper clip.

Anxiety is something that plagues millions of people, particularly young adults. Having something like a paper clip in your pocket to fiddle with or squeeze can help calm you down instantly.

6. A Handy Holiday Tool

In a bind? Paper clips can help you no matter what holiday is arriving.

Twist them into a spoon-like shape, and use them to dye Easter eggs.

Use them as ornament hooks when you run out during the Christmas season.

Halloween right around the corner? Use them to attach your personal information to the back of your children’s costumes or candy bags in case anything or anyone gets lost.

7. Electronics Extraordinaire

Paper clips can be a godsend for so many of your electronic needs.

They can be used to keep your cables nice and organized.

Place a paper towel around the bottom of a paper clip, and voila! You now have a keyboard and mouse cleaner.

They don’t just help keep your electronics neat and organized. You can use one to make a smartphone mount.

They can also be used to aid in removing SIM cards and ejecting hard drives, CD-R, and DVD drives.

Who would ever guess that this device weighing less than a tenth of an ounce would have so many uses?

8. Get Help in the Garden

They are the perfect tool to add to your gardening apron next to your shovel and hoe.

You can use these little guys as a wire to hang your succulents or for stem support for your indoor herbs or smaller outdoor plants.

Feeling extra crafty? Make yourself some flowers out of them.

9. Stay Organized

Whether it’s as a money clip, emergency keychain, or bookmark, these little guys have functions all over your house. They will keep you organized and reduce clutter.

And with the average American living in 600 square feet, the more access one has to organize small spaces, the better.

10. Handy Tools for Self Care

One of the most common alternatives uses for accessories is cleaning out under your nails. However, there are several other tasks you can use them for to help you look your best.

Get creative and use a paper clip for nail polish designs or to hold your fake eyelashes up as they dry.

Use them to unclog the nozzles of your hairspray or other beauty products. Additionally, they make the perfect tool to get all of that hair out of your hairbrush!

Simplicity Is the Ultimate Sophistication

Let’s face it: paper clips are kind of amazing. This wonder tool can really do much more than just sit in your cubicle, collecting dust.

Next time you’re at the grocery store or a big box store, make sure to add them to your list. They’re cheap, convenient, and easy to carry around. Plus, they come in handy in your day-to-day life.

Not only can they save you time and money, but also help you with your hobbies. And who wouldn’t want that?

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