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10 Tips for Creating a Vision Board

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Are you feeling stuck somewhere in your life? Are you the person who gets excited about many projects at once, only to leave them all unfinished?

It might be time to reevaluate your life a bit. You need something to bring back your excitement for life again, something that helps you make your deepest dreams reality.

A vision board can help. Vision boards are all about realizing the things you want to feel and have. Through the power of visualization, this tool serves as a daily reminder and source of motivation to go after your dreams.

Before you can realize all of this, you have to work on creating a vision board, which is actually pretty easy to do!

Here’s everything you need to do to make your vision board.

1. Identify Your Goals

You can probably guess there are going to be some crafts involved in creating a vision board. There are, but first, you have to focus on why you’re making your board in the first place.

Think about the goals you want to accomplish in your life.

They can be long or short-term; about relationships or career achievements; personal care habits you want to encourage or bad habits you want to let go of. Whatever it is you want to manifest, get a clear picture of that in your head.

Write some of your major points down.

2. Gather Materials

Once you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish by creating a vision board, it’s time to get to work. Take a trip to your local crafts store and get everything you need.

This includes:

  • a large canvas/poster/sketchbook/cork board
  • scissors and glue
  • colored paper
  • markers

You can opt to use pins instead of adhesives, to pick up some paint, or to create a border for your vision board. Those details are entirely up to you, but it is good to encourage such creativity.

Also, make a quick stop at a bookstore or magazine stand. Grab a few of the publications you read on a regular basis, or those which focus on the subjects that align with your goals.

3. Get in the Zone

Take all of your materials home and create a space for what you’re about to do.

Clear off your desk, or your bed, or even your kitchen counter. Rid yourself of distractions and set aside enough time for creating a vision board.

Remember, this is a highly intentional process, which shouldn’t be rushed.

Turn some music on if that helps you focus. Maybe light a candle or start your essential oil diffuser. Be sure to communicate with your family or roommates that you are not to be disturbed.

4. Cut Out or Print Everything You Want on Your Vision Board

Before you get scissor happy, quickly skim through the magazines you have.

Think of the goals you’ve established for yourself and which images best represent that. Then start cutting. Cut out pictures of people as well as places and even a few objects.

Look for words that represent how you want to feel, too.

You may come across something that hits home in a magazine, or, you can print these out from your computer. Use quotes that inspire you, the ones that stir something in your heart to be a better version of yourself.

5. Glue Your Items

After everything is cut out, break out your glue (or pins!).

Start by brainstorming how you want to place your items. Use the colored paper and markers you bought to think of fun ways to organize all the photos and quotes.

You may want to create categories or to use your whole vision board as a chance to make a fun collage. Maybe you put your West Palm Jet Charter plane next to a bucket list destination, or maybe you separate the two for better aesthetics.

Put the big pieces on your vision board first. This leaves you creative freedom to move some things around while you’re gluing everything else.

6. Find a Place to Put Your Vision Board

Admittedly, you should probably have an idea of where you want your vision board before you make it. But, you can make room somewhere in your home or office once it’s done, too.

Simply place it somewhere your vision usually goes anyways. Maybe it’s on the back of a door or on a wall by a window. Maybe you take down a piece of art for a while in order to make room for your board.

Wherever it goes, the important thing is to use your board as a point of reference. It won’t serve you if you don’t have it in your line of sight as a regular reminder of your goals.

7. Write a List of Actions

Speaking of those goals that lead you in creating your vision board, you need to act on them. Visualization works best when you have measurable action steps to hold yourself accountable to.

Go back to the goals you’ve written down and look at what you’ve just created.

Set deadlines for minor and major things you want to achieve. Then, work backward from those things to create the action steps that will get you there.

8. Track Your Progress

Just as the placement of your vision board is important, so is where you put your list of actions. This is something you have to constantly be working on, and therefore always tracking.

Put your action steps next to your keyboard, on the corner of your computer screen, or even on your fridge door.

Then, be honest with yourself about your progress.

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Edits

The tricky thing about making progress in life is that it doesn’t always happen the way you think it will.

Sure, you have your action steps to guide you. Hold to them and stay on track. But, don’t cling to these things if life throws you something new and unexpected.

Just listen to the ebbs and flow of your life and the way they make you feel. Some surprises may be a realization of your goals sooner than expected. Others may make you reevaluate some things all over again.

Whatever happens, don’t be afraid to edit your goals and your vision board, too.

10. Make Your Dreams Come True

When it comes to vision boards, staying flexible goes hand in hand with being disciplined. This is because a vision board is more of a feeling than anything. It is a guide in the right direction, but it doesn’t get the job done.

You do. You are the one that makes your best life actually come to life.

This takes a certain level of self-accountability, as well as the discernment of when you need to adjust your path. When you fully understand this, your life will be a reflection of the vision board you’ve created.

How Creating a Vision Board Can Change Your Life

Whether you are feeling low and want more self-confidence, battling addictions or other personal challenges, or looking to finally reach your career goals, make a vision board. Creating a vision board helps you turn abstract thoughts into action.

It is the daily reminder of your better self. Combined with the goals and action steps you write, there is no limit to what you can do.

You may even surprise yourself with everything you accomplish!

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