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5 Commercial Recording Tips Every Business Should Know

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The modern consumer is exposed to 5,000 ads every day, many of which are TV commercials.

Business owners can benefit from a commercial recording as it has excellent ROI, lets you raise awareness of your brand, and solidifies you as an industry expert. Perhaps you’re new to this, and you’re unsure how to create the ultimate commercial recording for your venture.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Here are five tips to try out.

1. Designate a Leader

As you record a commercial, it’s crucial to have a clear leader. Although it’s tempting to brainstorm, you won’t have a successful project unless someone oversees it and has the final say.

Otherwise, you’ll waste the video production company’s time and your money, making it a bad investment.

2. Never Cut Corners

One of the most important business tips is to avoid cutting corners. Sure, you may think it’s quicker to direct a business ad yourself, but you’ll likely make minor errors that delay production. Plus, the final product won’t have the same effect as when a professional company guides you through the process.

If you need a reputable company that is a master with voiceovers, then check them out.

3. Create a Story

Humans relate to stories, so consider this as you create your business strategy.

And you’ll notice that the most successful commercials lead viewers on a journey, whether it’s a heartfelt John Lewis ad or satire. Note, if you’re constantly pushing products in your business commercial, consumers are less likely to invest in your business.

You can even develop a character to represent your brand and use them in your subsequent commercials. Compare The Market, for example, does this by introducing their meerkat characters: Aleksandr Orlov, Sergei, and Oleg.

Now, the insurance company even sells stuffed toys, which you could consider doing once your commercial has been aired.

4. Represent Your Brand

A common mistake businesses make is forgetting to represent their brand. At the minimum, make sure that your brand’s logo, name, and product appear. You can decide whether to show this throughout the commercial or wait until the end.

5. Keep It Simple

Most commercials are between 30 to 60 seconds, which means you must be succinct. Figure out how you’ll get your message across and form a connection with your audience within this timeframe so it’s effective.

You should use three vital steps: say, explain, and repeat it. This is the key to hooking your audience as you show them the details and remind them why they should invest in your business.

Try Our Commercial Recording Tips Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re ready to try these commercial recording tips.

Start by delegating a leader, avoid cutting corners, and create a solid storyline to make an impact. Also, make sure your brand identity is clear and keep the commercial simple to keep your audience engaged. Good luck!

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