Chinese Exports in 2021

Top 5 Chinese Exports in 2021

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In 2018, before the pandemic, $2.49 trillion of goods were exported from China. 

These exports include a variety of goods that many different countries use today. 

Trade with China is one of the United State’s most beneficial relationships for revenue. Keep reading to learn about the top five Chinese exports!

1. Machinery

Of the many Chinese goods that are exported today, machinery takes the number one spot for the highest total. Electrical machinery and equipment produce a revenue of $710.1 billion. These products can include heavy machinery, parts, systems, etc. 

When you include computers in this category, you can add $440.3 billion to that total. This category can consist of whole computer systems, circuits, or parts. The United States will commonly import these products for business or personal use. 

2. Furniture

Furniture is also at the top of the list when it comes to trade with China. These exported goods count for $109.4 billion in value. 

Often, you’ll find many furniture stores import from China to save on costs. These savings allow them to gain more revenue overall. 

Most often, this furniture includes couches, bed frames, tables, and chairs. Not many people realize things like lamps, signs, and other smaller pieces come from China as well. 

3. Medical Tools

Many medical objects are exported by China to countries worldwide, bringing in $80.2 billion. Smaller countries that cannot afford expensive tools often import from China. This import allows them to spend money on more essential necessities. 

These tools can range from optical to technical tools needed in clinics, hospitals, or surgical centers. Medical imports can also include smaller necessities like needles, tapes, and personal protection equipment. 

4. Vehicles

China’s exportation of vehicles and vehicle parts counts for $76.3 billion. When combining commercial and passenger cars, almost one million vehicles were exported in 2020. 

Many people also ship vehicle parts from China due to their availability and price point. With a lower cost, people can get repairs done cheaper overall. Some popular exported parts include doors, bumpers, and electronics. 

You can also find a wide variety of vehicle accessories that China exports each year. Rims and customization parts play a huge role in US imports from China. 

5. Toys & Games 

On the lower side of exportation, toys and games produce $71.5 billion. Toys and games are exported everywhere for kids or adults to enjoy, allowing China to be the world’s largest toy producer. In fact, this category had the third quickest gain in value from 2019 to 2020 by 13.9%. 

These toys and games can include board games, sports balls, cards, etc. This market has steadily grown in size and will most likely maintain the same trend in the future.  

Top Chinese Exports

You can find all of these Chinese exports throughout the world due to their high demand.  

In fact, you can probably find many exports from China in your household today. 

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