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Doggie Dos and Don’ts: The Essential Guide on How to Take Care of Dogs

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Some people have a natural knack for taking care of pets. They’re the ones who can form an instant connection with their new dog or cat and they tend to do well with other people’s pets, too.

But, for most of us, it takes a bit of time to learn how to take care of dogs and cats.

It’s hard to understand an animal’s needs considering that they can’t speak to you and that you have to figure out their personality before you really connect with them. With a little time and patience, though, all your efforts will pay off.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts of dog care to make you and your pet’s connection even stronger.

The Do’s of Taking Care of a Dog

A dog has the same basic needs as you do – shelter, food, and love.

It sounds easy enough to give them these necessities, but some dog owners definitely do so better than others. You can’t do the bare minimum if you really want to make your dog feel special.

You have to go above and beyond by doing the following actions.

Give Them Love and Attention

Always make an effort to snuggle your dog when you come home from work and to play with them in your downtime. Do special things for them like taking a trip to the dog park or the beach, and introduce them to other furry friends, too.

Verbal affection also works wonders.

Feed Them the Good Stuff

It’s one thing to feed your dog on a regular basis, and it’s another to invest in quality dog food for him/her. You want to make sure your dog is eating the best nutrients if you want them to live a long, healthy life.

More so, it’s a good idea to mix things up from time to time and give them some food scraps from the kitchen. Just make sure whatever treats you offer are dog-appropriate!

Keep Them Clean

Hygiene is just as important for dogs as it is for you. Imagine having to walk around all the time with your hair a mess or with something bothering your skin.

It’s no fun for you, and it’s a serious health concern for a dog. Keep a regular grooming schedule and take the time to check your dog for knots in their coat or fleas/ticks. If you do see a little animal on their skin, get advocate for dogs or some other flea treatment.

The Don’ts of Taking Care of a Dog

Maybe you’re doing all the “do’s” right, but you may also be doing some not so great habits, too. Try not to engage in the following actions when taking care of a dog.

Spoil Them with Treats

It’s one thing to give your dog its daily meals and another to spoil them with treats all day long. Dogs who are used to eating a lot of treats eventually stop eating their regular food. They’ll think they won’t need it anymore because they can just have treats, which isn’t good for their behavior with you or their health.

Let Them Get Away with Bad Behavior

Speaking of a dog’s behavior, you should learn how to correct your dog the right way. You never want to hit or yell at your dog when they do something wrong. But of course, you can’t just congratulate them when they go to the bathroom inside the house or tear up the furniture.

Figure out the proper way to reprimand your pet. Be kind, yet stern, and watch how much more they start listening to you!

How to Take Care of Dogs That Aren’t Your Own

The rules of how to take care of dogs are universal.

These habits apply well when you get your own dog and when you find yourself in charge of another person’s dog, too. They don’t really change, and they’re easy to teach to roommates and family members who share in the responsibility of dog caring.

But, there will be some challenges that occur when taking care of a pet.

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