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5 Amazing Tips When You’re Decorating On a Budget

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Are you wanting to redecorate, but the idea of spending a ton of money freaks you out?

The standard living room redecorating cost is over $14,000! That’s a lot of money for just one room. If you don’t have that kind of money in your budget, but still want to make changes, you have options.

From DIY decorating to repurposing old furniture, these five tips can save you a ton of money when you’re decorating on a budget.

1. Paint

A great way to change up your home and save money is to paint. You could repaint an entire room or just add an accent wall. You could even repaint furniture to give the room some extra color. Other things to consider painting?

  • doors
  • backsplash
  • cabinets
  • headboard
  • trim

A little paint can go a long way in transforming your home.

Don’t want to mess with painting? Wallpaper is a fantastic option.

This isn’t your grandma’s wallpaper either. You can give a room a whole new look with removable wallpaper. Try a textured look or a bold color for instant wow factor.

2. Double Duty

When it comes to budget home decor ideas, you should consider pieces that serve dual purposes. This could be an ottoman or coffee table with storage space or a sleeper sofa or chair.

When it comes to keeping these pieces looking great, you’ll want to consider a furniture protection plan. Find out more about protecting your furniture so you save money in the long run.

3. New Hardware

Adding new hardware is a great way to snazz up your home decor on a budget. A few things to consider:

  • doorknobs
  • outlet covers
  • furniture hardware
  • faucets
  • drawer pulls

These small changes can give your space a nice facelift without breaking the bank.

4. Be Thrifty

Apartment decorating on a budget? Check out thrift stores, yard sales, or estate sales. You could find some really cool pieces that will add character to your home.

An old dresser may just need a new coat of paint. You might find a cool lamp that would look great on your entryway console.

5. Switch Things Up

If you’re opting for cheap decorating, why not simply switch things up? This could be adding a textured throw to a chair or sofa. You can get inexpensive throw pillow covers to put on your couch pillows.

Depending upon what kind of feel you’re going for, a few simple switches can make a big difference. Love a Moroccan feel? Add some texture and patterns with throws and pillows. Do you want a more retro vibe? Think macrame and knick-knacks.

Decorating On a Budget

Just because you’re decorating on a budget, doesn’t mean that you can create a beautiful and simple transformation. Sometimes simply switching pillowcases or hardware can make a huge difference. Have fun creating a look that reflects your personality.

Looking for more budget decorating tips? Check out our DIY blog for tons of tips and tricks.

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