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7 Motivational Social Media Accounts You Need to Follow

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At least 16.2 million adults in America have suffered from a major depressive episode.

Harvard Health published an article revealing the truth behind depression. While brain chemical imbalances do play a part they aren’t the only culprit. Cognitive psychologists have discovered that your view on the world directly impacts your tendency to become depressed.

Every day the Internet is shaping the way we view our world. We are constantly re-evaluating our social status, likability, and who we are. In fact, we spend almost half of the day interacting with some type of media.

What are you feeding your mind? The thoughts you think and images you see will directly affect the way you feel. You can help keep your mind healthy by watching motivational content on social media.

This article contains the best of the best in Instagram influencers and motivational accounts. You are what you eat, so here’s the healthiest food for your social media feeds!

What is are Instagram Influencers?

First, you’ll want to fully understand what an Instagram influencer does.

An influencer is somebody who already has an established following. Usually, influencers are people who are seen as honest, upfront and real. The content they produce is consistently authentic, relevant and helpful to the audience.

Daily Dose

Daily Dose produces motivational content for an audience of 200+ million people. Daily Dose as was one of the first motivational accounts created on Instagram. The creator of @dailydose is Tim Karsliyev, a top Instagram influencer.

Tim Karsliyev passionately believes all humans have a responsibility to take action and enact change. He created this account as his way to take action and create a positive difference in the world.

Motivational Facebook Account

If you’re frequently on Facebook, James Arthur Ray would be a powerful addition to your news feed.

The moment you visit his Facebook wall you’ll be greeted by inspiring and truthful statements. If you fall in love with James’ material you can even plan a trip to one of his immersive workshops.

Entrepreneur Magazine on Instagram

You’ve probably read Entrepreneur Magazine, but have you visited their social media sites? When you visit @entrepreneur you’ll be able to find both practical and inspirational business tips.

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll delight in reading the success stories of like-minded people. The Entrepreneur account is also a smart way to network with other business owners.

Frequently the posts on @entrepreneur will feature a small business owner you can personally reach out to.

Finding the Right Content

Now you can start finding your favorite Instagram Influencers!

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