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5 Ways to Reduce the Ecological Footprint of Your Business

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Research suggests that global warming could be the result of human activity since the mid 20th century. Unfortunately, this warming rate is not going to slow down anytime soon. But, there are ways that individuals and business owners can help. 

Here are 5 ways you can reduce the ecological footprint of your business without having to spend a small fortune. 

1. Reduce the Amount of Energy You Use

Before you can reduce the amount of energy you use, you first have to find out how much you consume. Luckily, companies like Energy Professionals aid businesses in reducing and controlling their energy budget. The company creates an energy strategy for you based on your individual goals and objectives. 

Some other easy ways you can reduce the amount of energy you use include:

  • Installing energy efficient lighting
  • Switching off office equipment
  • Undertaking regular heating and air conditioning maintenance

You can also switch to a green web hosting company to offset your website’s energy consumption. 

2. Encourage Employees to Work From Home

Some business owners can’t imagine their employees excelling if they work at home because of the distractions they’ll face. But, studies suggest that remote workers are happier and more productive employees

If you’re just starting out, you can also outsource your team members. This will save you time and money. It’ll also cut down your energy consumption and cut gas emissions as employees won’t need to commute to and from work. 

3. Go Paperless

Printing all your paperwork is a requirement of the past. Now, you can share and store digital versions of all your files. Aside from creating an environmentally friendly workplace, you’ll also reduce the amount of time employees spend going through papers to find what they’re looking for. 

4. Incentivize People to Use Public Transportation

Today, there are various incentives you can offer employees. These can include:

  • Free or discounted bus or railcards
  • Pre-tax payroll deductions
  • Partial payment of their transport fees

You could also create a fitness incentive within your business. For example, you could encourage employees to cycle, walk, or run to work. You could even turn it into a friendly competition with a prize for the winner. 

5. Put Together a Recycling Scheme

There are various reasons your business should recycle. Aside from reducing your ecological footprint, recycling can:

  • Help you save money
  • Improve your business’ image
  • Open up opportunities for grants

Additionally, creating a recycling scheme at work that everyone has to abide by may encourage employees to do the same at home. 

Get More Tips to Reduce the Ecological Footprint of Your Business From Upgifs

There are thousands of ways you can reduce the ecological footprint of your business. But, the schemes you put in place will depend largely on the amount of time and resources you can dedicate to implementing them. 

Luckily, many of the tips above won’t cost you a cent. Better yet, some could even save you money. 

In the meantime, do you want more tips on how to make your business greener? If so, check out the business section of our website. We share a wealth of business-related tips, including some on reducing your impact on the environment. 

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