Looking for Reasons to Recycle? Here Are 5 Excellent Ones for Your Business

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According to a recent study, there is going to be more plastic floating around in the ocean than fish in the year 2050.

That startling statistic alone should be more than enough to convince every business owner in America to make recycling more of a priority. If more small business owners would get on board with recycling, the amount of waste created in the U.S. would drop dramatically.

But that’s far from the only reason why business owners should start recycling more. Here are five other reasons to recycle that you should consider before you continue to mix plastic, metal, cardboard, and other recyclable materials in with your regular trash.

1. Saves Money

As a business owner, you’re always concerned about the costs associated with, well, everything. If something costs too much money, you do whatever it takes to cut costs so that you’re not overspending.

But by not recycling, you could potentially cost your company hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year. You’re likely paying your waste management provider more than you should have to in order to haul away things you could be recycling.

Put a recycling program into place today and track how much money it saves you over time.

2. Improves Your Image

There are many consumers who won’t work with a company that doesn’t have eco-friendly practices in place. Think about how much business you could be losing at the moment simply because you’re not doing something as easy as recycling.

When you recycle, it’ll reflect well on your company. People will appreciate your efforts and be more likely to pay money for your products and services.

3. Opens Up Opportunities

Did you know that there are lots of non-profit organizations and government agencies that are just dying to give out grants to companies that create recycling programs?

All you have to do is prove that you’re using a recycling program at your business and you could walk away with extra funding that you can put towards developing your company. Check out some of the opportunities that exist in your state to see how you could benefit from recycling in this way.

4. Helps Produce New Products

Studies have shown that almost 80% of the plastic that has been produced over the years has ended up in landfills.

It’s such a waste when you consider that there are all kinds of new products that can be produced using recycled plastic. For example, a lot of plastic lumber that’s used to make fencing and other products is created out with recycled plastic.

You’ll feel good when you know that your plastic waste is being used to make new products instead of sitting in a landfill somewhere.

5. Makes Employees More Likely to Recycle

Businesses aren’t the only ones that aren’t recycling enough. There are many individuals who also still don’t recycle on a regular basis.

The recycling rate in the U.S. only sits at about 35%, which is entirely too low when you consider that Americans generate about 25% of the total waste in the world.

By putting a recycling plan in place at your business, you might make your employees more likely to recycle at home. It could help the U.S. recycling rate to increase to a more acceptable rate.

Think Carefully About These Reasons to Recycle

These are just some of the reasons to recycle if you’re a business owner. Think about how they’ll help you to run a better business overall.

You’ll save money when you recycle, improve the image of your brand, and feel better about the way you’re managing your waste. It’ll transform your operations in no time and change the way people view your company.

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