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7 Surprising Things Every Man Should Own

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While the clothing market for kids and women continues to boom, the global growth of menswear is crawling at just around 5% a year. Because so few men pay mind to men’s fashion, just a little bit of effort can make you stand out. If you know a few things every man should own, you can craft a unique look easily.

If you’re wondering why so little space in stores is devoted to menswear, it’s because very few men care. For most men, a standard t-shirt and jeans will do year round for any event. Not only is this a double standard, with so much expected from women, but it’s also a wasted opportunity.

Don’t fall into this lazy trap. Make sure you have everything on this list of 7 things every man should own and you’ll craft out a unique style for yourself.

1. A Few Belts

So many guys own one belt that they use with every outfit. Just like socks, shirts, and pants, not every belt matches every outfit. Take a look at some of the most important colors in your closet and buy a few different belts to match those tones.

2. Good Cologne

While plenty of guys overdo it with the whole cologne thing, there is a time and a place. Ask around to find out which scents are used by the guys you spend the most time with. Pick something totally different.

Smell is important to memory, so use it for special events when you’re meeting a lot of people for the first time. They’ll associate that smell with you.

3. An Expensive Tie

People who are in the know can spot a cheap tie from a mile away. A couple of great ties–not those bargain basement ties either–can take your ensemble up a notch. Don’t be afraid of a loud bow tie either.

Bow ties are coming back in a big way.

4. Brown Dress Shoes

While most guys have a pair of black dress shoes they roll out for special occasions, there are casual-dressy events that call for something else. A pair of brown dress shoes–or some other color if you’re the bold type–can help you hit that perfect middle ground for a classy barbecue or birthday party.

5. An Eye-catching Watch

A great looking watch will never go out of style. Smartwatches just don’t have the same kind of gravitas as a beautifully crafted or stylish watch. Find something that matches your style and that you can wear in a business or a casual setting.

Buy two if you have to.

6. Nice Looking Underwear

While your partner might like to throw on a pair of your cotton boxers while they’re lounging around the house, they’re not the underwear that turns them on. Some high-quality, form-fitting briefs or boxer briefs make your partner excited to see you undress.

7. A Grown-Up Bag

A guy in a suit with a college kid’s backpack always looks a little off. Find something in faux leather, suede, or waxed canvas that fits your unique style. You’ll travel a little more confidently with the right bag at your side.

Things Every Man Should Own Don’t Have To Be Pricey

Don’t be afraid to be thrifty when searching for most of these items. Second-hand and thrift shops will have treasures at deep discounts. While you might find something name brand at a designer basement sale, it’s those brands you might never have heard of that stand out the most.

If you’re looking for more ideas on what you should pick up on your next shopping trip, contact us for tips.

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