Cheapest Way to Ship Things Internationally

Ship It Up: What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship Things Internationally?

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If you are in the e-commerce industry, you know that speed is essential to your customers. Yet, being able to ship things internationally is a huge part of your business. But did you know that 62% of international buyers expect to get delivery for free?

So to keep profiting from your business, inexpensive international shipping is critical. Of course, the size of an international package has a lot to do with the price. But some other factors affect the cost of international shipping.

So if you’ve been asking what the cheapest way to ship internationally is, keep reading. Here is a helpful guide to shipping international goods at the lowest cost.

The Factors That Matter

The size of a business and the amount it ships has an impact on international shipping cost. Irregular shipping patterns make negotiating prices difficult. But larger companies are not without challenges in a growing industry.

Large shipments are not always the cheapest way to ship internationally. But if you can ship in bulk, you can save a lot with ocean freight.

Often, small parcel shippers can take advantage of express service providers. So for many in e-commerce, savings come with shipping an individual international package.

Ship Things Internationally Fast

Getting goods to customers fast will generally raise the cost of international shipping. So smaller businesses rely on cheaper options with large carriers. For example, a ground service to Canada or Mexico will be more affordable than air.

Priority mail may not get the international package to its destination fast. But customers will accept time delays for free delivery. If your concern has more to do with security, a guaranteed express option might be best.

Shipping internationally with couriers isn’t always faster or cheaper. A lot depends on the place of the shipment’s destination. Some truck carriers specialize in shipments to specific regions.

Couriers have networks where their systems work best. So it pays to research the scope of influence for each company. Some online services claim to have better rates, but again, research is essential.

Best Practices For Savings

No matter which method you choose, there are ways to improve the experience. The best way to mitigate costs is to have correct paperwork and packaging. In addition, using a freight broker for bulk shipping will reduce time and unnecessary expense.

But for the small international package shipper, mail services have tools to help. Many provide packaging materials and labeling to make your process more streamlined. In addition, couriers have pre-cleared customs systems to expedite your international shipping.

Choose According to Need

As your company grows with some carriers, discounted rates will become more regular. But when you first start to ship things internationally, it doesn’t have to be painful. Yet, it will take some additional research.

Every international shipping company has positives you can use to your advantage. So before you ship an international package, reach out to some and see what each can offer. And if this article delivered some insight, coma back for informative pieces.

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