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Dress Down and Spice It Up: How to Make Your Own Lingerie

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Every woman wants to feel as sexy as she can in the bedroom. Even if your partner is totally in love with every inch of you, there are always ways to spice things up.

Sexy lingerie can do the trick. It’s a beautiful, exciting way to turn a regular date night into a hot, steamy sexual evening.

The only downside is how much money lingerie can cost! This means you just have to get creative and work with the finances you have.

Here’s how to make your own lingerie to make your lover go crazy.

Start with Something Simple

Before you get all into your zone, you need some clothing items to work with. Find a few pairs of bras and panties in the cuts you like in a neutral color.

Remember, these don’t have to come from a high-end brand. You just need these pieces as the canvas for all the sexy upgrades you’re going to add to make your own lingerie.

Shop with a certain style in mind, too. Think about whether you want baby dolls and lingerie or something more intense like bondage and toys.

This will help you get an idea of how you’re going to transform your basic items.

Get the Sexy Accents You Want

While you’re out shopping for your bras and underwear, get a few materials to spice them up with. A few yards of lace or silk will do the trick.

Don’t be shy about your materials, either. No one has to know you’re planning to make your own lingerie. You can simply go to your local fabric store and get all the things you need.

If you don’t have any fabric scissors or sewing items, get those too. If you’ve never done any kind of clothing transformation, a sewing tutorial will help. Pick up a book on it at the fabric store or look up how-to’s online.

Cut, Style, and Strut Your Stuff

Your lingerie pieces and materials may sound like a lot of money, but they really don’t have to be! The real work happens when you get home and start putting everything together.

Take a look at some lingerie again and start to picture how you’ll turn a simple bra into something sexy.

Maybe you make it low-cut or add a top layer of lace where the fabric used to be. Maybe you use the straps to create something entirely new with just the lace you bought.

Repeat this with the panties you have. Consider keeping the front and back material and making the sides a skinny strap of silk, satin, or lace. If you have enough fabric left over, make a whole new thong or g-string out of the sexy lace you bought.

Try everything on before you plan to show it to your lover. This ensures your lingerie will look its best, making you feel sexier than ever.

That Feeling When You Know How to Make Your Own Lingerie

Arguably, the only thing better than feeling sexy is knowing you can be sexy all by yourself. Some would say that’s just confidence.

But, when you know how to make your own lingerie, that’s pretty sexy and a cool accomplishment. Here’s a representation of what that feels like.

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