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Dress for Success: 5 Ways to Up Your Business Attire Game

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Do you feel like you’re getting passed up for promotions? You work hard and stay late, but that job you were gunning forgot handed to someone else.

While there may be several reasons for this, did you know one of them could be your clothes? That’s right, your work outfits can affect your chances of getting promoted.

If you want to succeed and get some pay raises, consider giving your business attire a makeover.

Do you want to know how? Keep reading to learn five ways you can take your workday outfits to the next level.

1. Accessorize

We know what you’re thinking–“exactly how much is this makeover going to cost?” The good news is that finding the right accessories can elevate your outfits without costing much at all.

Statement jewelry is a great way to add interest to plain outfits. A colorful belt can make a boring dress or pantsuit look chic. A fun pair of shoes can make you seem professional and stylish.

2. Add Interest to Your Skirts

Do you stick to the same old black pencil skirt? While this is a great and versatile piece of office attire, it can seem boring and unoriginal it that’s all you wear.

That doesn’t mean you have to write off pencil skirts forever. Find some with a little added interest, like an embellished zipper on the side or a bold print. You’ll still maintain your professionalism, but you’ll look fabulous doing so.

3. Play with Power Suits

Power suits are a classic part of any business dress code, and they’re perfect for both men and women.

If you want to up your pantsuits to the next level, consider straying from the traditional colors. There are many ways to wear power suits that will let you play with colors and patterns while still looking appropriate for the workplace.

If you want to go with a fun power suit, consider wearing sensible shoes and a basic top to ensure you still come across as a professional.

4. Go for Slim-Fitting Pants

Is your closet full of straight leg pants? Consider mixing things up with a pair of slim cut pants.

You can stick with your basic colors, like gray and black, or mix a little print by going with a pinstripe pattern. Your new pants will accentuate your body and make you the new office fashionista.

5. Layer

If you have a wardrobe full of basics, you may not need to buy any new clothes at all.

Layering is a great way to add interest and look professional at work. Layer cardigans over tank tops, sweaters over button-down collared shirts, and tights under dresses and skirts.

If your office is more casual, you can even wear athletic tights under flowy dresses for the ultimate comfortable and stylish outfit.

Looking Stylish and Professional in Your Business Attire

Business attire doesn’t have to consists of only boring pantsuits and button-down shirts anymore. Follow our tips to take your work outfits to the next level, so you can look professional and chic.

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