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5 Benefits of Using Spa Management Software

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Can medical spa software make a difference in your business?

As a medical spa owner, you may encounter many challenges.

Increased competition, employee management, client outreach, marketing and administrative duties eat up most of your day.

How can you find the time to do everything and still have time for yourself?

What if you had access to one tool that handled marketing, client loyalty programs, payment processing, and payroll?

Imagine the time you would save each day.

Keep reading if you want to know how spa management software can save you time and increase your profits.

Keep Your Clients Happy with Medical Spa Software

Your medical spa depends on your existing clientele. In fact, 70% of medical spa visits are from existing customers.

It’s essential to keep them happy. A good spa management software will help you do just that.

Make Booking Convenient

Some studies show that three-quarters of clients prefer to book their appointments online, yet only 44% do so. That’s mostly because spas haven’t invested in an online booking engine.

This will save you and your client the frustration of going back and forth to book an appointment.

Plus, you can invest in spa management software that schedules recurring appointments for your regular clients, and send out automatic reminders.

Add Value to the Customer Experience

Clients want to know that the money they invest in themselves is making a difference.

With medical spa software, spa owners and staff can take progress photos and securely store them.

You can also add value to the client experience by having all of their information in one place. That includes documents, treatment plans, and progress photos.

If a client has any questions about their treatment, you or your staff can answer it within seconds.

That’s a much better option than “Let me find out” or “I’ll get back to you.”

You Don’t Need to Outsource Payroll and Bookkeeping

What would life be like if payroll was inexpensive and easy?

How much time do you spend trying to do payroll and balance your books?

Even if you have an in-house employee or bookkeeping company handles these tasks, you’re probably spending around $300 every month on processing payroll.

One great advantage of using software is that you can easily print checks, process sales, calculate commissions and bonuses.

That beats trying to set up a budget spreadsheet and doing calculations there.

A great example of spa management software is from Orchid Spa Software. They offer one system that handles payroll, commissions, employee schedules and inventory.

That’s not even including the online booking features!

Software That Saves Time and Money

When choosing software for your spa, it helps to do your research and know ahead of time what your business needs.

As a medical spa owner, you’re already stressed trying to manage employees, clients, and building a profitable business. It can be stressful, but a good software package can save you time and increase your profits.

We understand that you might be stressed even thinking about this.

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