Leasing Laundry Equipment

5 Benefits of Leasing Laundry Equipment

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Are you undecided on whether you should lease laundry equipment?

Leasing laundry equipment offers you the ability to remove all of the headaches from owning your own machines. Although buying your own machines sounds great, it can often lead to complications and further costs to you further down the line.

So how will leasing benefit you and your business?

Well, if you keep reading, you’ll learn the 5 big benefits of laundry equipment leasing.

1. Access to Top of the Range Washers and Dryers

Leasing a washer, leasing a dryer or any other laundry equipment opens you up to a wide variety of options that meet any budget. You can lease premium machines at affordable monthly payments that may have been outside of your budget if you chose to pay it upfront.

Also, a lot of leading companies will give you the opportunity to upgrade your machines at the end of your contract. This means you’ll always have the top-of-the-range equipment, and stay up to date with the latest technology before most of your competitors.

2. Extremely Cost-Effective

When you look at purchasing laundry equipment upfront, you are often going to have to settle for inferior equipment because the top-of-the-range stuff costs a lot more. However, leasing gives you the ability to get the highest quality gear for an affordable monthly fee that fits your budget.

There are no upfront fees, which means you can save your money for other areas of your life and business.

3. Customizable Terms

When it comes to leasing, no two contracts are the same. And, when you leasing laundry equipment, you have the ability to customize your contract terms and how the contract is executed.

Every laundry leasing business should give you the options to customize your contract to fit your current situation and needs. If they refuse to offer you that, look for another company. It’s critical to only work with credible laundry distributors that strive to find you the best leasing deals.

4. Free Servicing and Maintenance

To keep your laundry equipment in tip-top shape, it’s critical that they are regularly serviced, maintained, and repaired when necessary. Unfortunately, when you purchase your equipment upfront, you have to pay for servicing and maintenance out of your own pocket, and this can get costly.

Thankfully, when you lease coin operated laundry machines, etc, most leasing companies will include completely free servicing and maintenance, which means you could potentially be saving thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the equipment.

5. Expert Support

When leasing a washer and dryer, you’ll get access to a team of professional technicians who will deliver and install your equipment, and run all of the necessary tests to make sure it’s working properly. And a lot of reputable leasing companies offer unlimited service calls, so if you are ever worried that something is broken, you can get a technician out fast to fix it.

Want More Information on Leasing Laundry Equipment?

If you’re sat on the fence about whether or not to lease laundry equipment, we hope this article has highlighted some of the ways it can benefit you in both the short and long term. Leasing is not only the cost-effective way of getting top-of-the-range equipment but it ensures that you are covered by a team of professionals if anything goes wrong.

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