Choosing a Public Speaker

Top 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Public Speaker

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Is your team struggling with a lack of inspiration or even lower performance levels from previous years?

Are you holding a business event with the hopes of motivating staff? Building morale? Improving relations and encouraging hard work?

If so, it’s time you learned about choosing a public speaker—arguably one of the more important pieces of any conference puzzle. Why? Because motivational speakers do more than their name suggests.

They keep your team informed of new ideas in the industry, build company energy, and show your staff how much you’re invested in them. Speakers can also bring a unique perspective to the table, highlighting fresh ways of looking at the same old problems.

In short, they’re everything you need to make this next event a slam dunk. Here’s how to pick the right one.

1. Consider Reputable Speakers You Already Know

Depending on the size and scope of your industry, you might already have the ideal speaker in mind.

Perhaps you’re involved in a niche field and there aren’t many public speakers out there addressing the topics you want to discuss at the conference. But, if you have a public speaker in mind that you respect, then lucky you—you’ve got a leg up on the search.

Reach out to the speaker or their agent and see if you can set up an interview.  

2. Look for Public Speakers With a History of, Well, Speaking

This step ultimately depends on the vision you want to be portrayed at your company conference.

If choosing a green public speaker is something you’re interested in, then go for it! However, speeches tend to come off as more impactful when the person delivering them has had some experience. There are fewer nerves involved and more delivery—exactly what your audience needs to feel excited and encouraged.

Ask for examples of their speeches (such as video content), a speaking resume, or references from past events. You can also ask them for other qualifications, such as completing a public speaking training course. In other words, the more experience they’ve had speaking, the better equipped they’ll be to engage your audience.

3. Know What the Audience Needs to Hear and Learn 

If you’re holding a company conference, you have a theme in mind. Perhaps it’s improving sales, increasing knowledge, or simply a team-building event. Maybe you want to discuss something extremely specific or it’s a broad scope, covering several business topics at once.

When you’ve nailed down the mission you want to accomplish with this event, a list of speakers should come to mind (or to your search engine results pages). Look for someone who’s an expert in the field you want your workers to learn more about. Just like you’d sell products to a target audience, you’ll want to choose a speaker that speaks to your target audience—your team.

With These Tips, Choosing a Public Speaker Is Easy

No conference or large business event is complete without a motivational speaker. They do more than motivating—they offer a unique perspective that’s built from years of experience and education. They inspire the audience to learn more, get creative, and work harder by building the energy in the room. 

So, when choosing a public speaker, make sure you’ve followed the above steps to pick the best one for your business event.

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