High-Impact Product Launch

Hit the Market in Style: How to Organize a High-Impact Product Launch

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If you’re thinking about a product launch, congratulations! That means you’ve put a lot of time and thought into your dream and are ready to finally share it with the world. 

However, we’ve all had some demoralizing experiences. Remember that high school blog you started that only got five views per post? Remember trying to launch your first business and only getting sales from friends and family?

For many people, a few disappointing entrepreneurial experiences are enough to sour them forever. However, sometimes the issue isn’t the product. In many situations, the products being peddled could change someone’s life!

The issue was with the launch. If the launch isn’t sufficient, then not enough eyes will land on it. That means you won’t have a successful product launch and may feel like all your efforts have fallen flat. 

All you probably need to do is garner some more knowledge on organizing a product launch! That’s why we’ve assembled a guide to help you with launching a product in style.

What Problem Are You Solving?

It’s easy to get bogged down in product details. After all, you probably agonized over whether to use square or rounded edges on the smartphone case you’re launching, what colors to use, how thick it should be …the list goes on. 

However, the truth is that customers don’t care. Until you’ve given them a real reason to invest and care, you haven’t earned their mental or emotional investment. 

When you’re coming up with the pitch angle for your product launch, consider what frustrations you’re solving for people. For instance, maybe the phone cases on the market right now are too clunky or too thin. 

There might not be a happy medium for a case that isn’t too heavy or too unprotective, so talk about that! Talk about the frustrations of having a phone that falls on your face when you’re scrolling in bed, or doesn’t fit in your jeans pocket. 

This type of empathy proves that you know your audience well enough to come up with something that works as a solution for their problem.

Start in Advance 

The media world is a crazy circus that lives in iterative cycles of shock value. This is true whether the headlines are revolving around politics, crime, or new product launches. 

However, media builds on itself. Since it’s a form of content marketing, it’s an iterative form of communication. If you try to keep everything under wraps, it may not succeed. 

Consider the ‘Taylor Swift’ approach. For many of her albums, there was a massive push backed by her record label. Interviews, a strong social media presence, stadium tours, and more turned her into a household name for her most popular albums. 

Then, after a string of albums that garnered critical acclaim and turned Taylor Swift into a household name, she dropped surprise albums. After hits like 1989, reputation, and Lover, she surprise-dropped an indie-folk album called folklore. 

There was no previous advertising or build-up. There were no announcements or singles or anything that would lead her audience to anticipate. Why did this work?

You’re Not Taylor Swift

For one, her indie-folk album dropped during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. People were spending all day and all night on their devices. 

Everyone was so tuned into the digital world and had time on their hands from being under lockdown orders. It was the perfect time to drop a wistful, thoughtful album. 

It was also because Swift put in years of work building up buzz around her brand as a singer beforehand. Many albums of similar quality have been put out to far less buzz.

Why was her product launch so successful? Because to her audience, they don’t need to know in advance—because she’s Taylor Swift. That’s all they need to know.

Taking this approach with your new product launch is necessary. Don’t try to keep it all under wraps until the day of, unless you’re Taylor Swift. Instead, build up buzz beforehand so your audience, and the media, know that you’re coming.

Make It Special 

Whether you’re a celebrity dropping a new album or a small business cranking out phone cases, a product launch event is a great idea. This is an opportunity to network, establish your brand, and make the launch special. 

It’s also a chance to highlight your company culture and celebrate your team. They likely put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this product. It’s time to underline their achievements and show what they truly mean to the company!

A product launch event is an opportunity to stage a giveaway, get celebrity or industry endorsements for your product, and give a little Steve Jobs-esque monologue on the product itself. 

In other words, it’s a chance to celebrate and get some marketing done at the same time! You should produce branded materials to hand out at this event along with your products. This is a good chance to let your brand shine, which makes it a perfect job for teamconceptprinting.com.

Take Preorders 

When launching a product, your job is to build up the buzz beforehand. What better way to do it than taking preorders?

Some brands are divided on the marketing wisdom of preorders. But if you want to build excitement, why wait? If someone is lured by the advertising that you do before the actual launch, they may want to buy immediately. 

Even if you won’t ship till the actual launch date, they still want to buy. It’s an opportunity to make money. 

If you don’t accept preorders, the customer will have to remember your product to go back and order on the launch day. In this frantic modern world, that may never happen. The moral of the story is—do yourself a favor and accept preorders!

Organizing A Successful Product Launch

When doing a product launch, know that the success of your entire brand can’t be pinned on a single product. Instead, focus on making a high-quality body of work that solves a multitude of problems for your consumers. It’s the best way to ensure longevity in any industry!

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