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8 Tips to Eliminate Your Lack of Self Confidence

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Do you doubt yourself too much? A lack of self confidence can hamper your mental, emotional, and physical abilities.

It’s normal to experience periods of lacking confidence on occasion. But a daily struggle with confidence and self-esteem is very unhealthy. You probably feel terrible a lot of the time, and lack the energy to make things better.

Lacking confidence and a negative self-image produce worry, fear, and general tension. It affects every aspect of your daily life in a negative way.

Dealing with your lack of self confidence will improve your life in many ways. And you’ll be much happier.

The following 8 tips will help you get there.

1. Accept Who You Are

Do you spend a lot of time comparing yourself to others, wishing you were them? Trying to pretend you don’t have troubles?

Where did that ever get you? You’ll be better of learning how to like who you are.

Embrace those flaws you perceive, and celebrate your strengths. Everyone has both. Silence that inner critic who denies you self-compassion.

Self-acceptance makes you more comfortable with yourself and lets you enjoy the process of building confidence. But it’s more than a feel-good trick. You need to accept yourself to properly assess the situation and take the right steps.

Since the lack of self confidence is mostly sub-conscious, more awareness is key.

2. Focus on the Positive

Looking for the positive things in life is known to make you feel better. But it also increases the positive occurrences in life. Because you’ll spot more of it instead of looking past it.

More importantly, remember the positive things about YOU. That’s right.

List your good qualities and strengths. Think of ways to cultivate them.

You can make a list of things you did right. Or list your happy memories. Or what you like about your job. And so on.

Allow yourself a compliment, a pat on the back, and a smile. Be friendly toward yourself.

You’ll feel better, and spend more time being your best self. When you’re in a negative state, you’ll ignore the millions who accept you and focus on the one who doesn’t.

Lighten up. Life can get hard enough without your assistance. It’s funny though, so allow yourself some laughter.

If you make a mistake, see the funny side of it. It’s an opportunity to laugh at yourself and release tension. Don’t build more tension.

It’s okay to do silly things and not be perfect. Doesn’t laughter seem better than over-thinking your past actions?

Being able to laugh at yourself is a sign that you’re okay with who you are. Don’t be ashamed, be free.

3. Make Decisions that Raise Your Self-Esteem

Every moment, you’re making a decision. Choose wisely. Making frequent decisions that make you proud, happy, or more determined will make a world of difference. So will making regrettable, shameful decisions.

Positive decisions will make you more positive. Make a healthy meal, get to work on that project, finish your workout. Clean your home. Connect with your inner self. Remember to thank yourself.

Don’t give in to momentary temptation. Relaxation and entertainment are so much better when you’ve earned them, anyway.

What’s the quickest way to break your self-esteem? Break your promises. If you can’t be trusted, how can you be confident?

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. You will feel bad from the start. Learn to say no.

But don’t avoid making promises altogether. That will lead to a lack of self confidence.

Your lack of self confidence will fade each time you do what you commit to.

4. Exercise.

Our bodies are designed to be active and healthy. It can be hard to feel good if you’re not in good health.

Exercise releases feel-good chemicals in your body and is known to improve mental well-being.

You’ll also feel good about yourself for doing it. You’ll feel even better as you get stronger and more able. And you’ll look better, so you have another thing to feel good about.

Using your energy is necessary for proper relaxation.

If you’re not used to exercising, you’ll be mystified about your new high energy levels and ability to relax. No more feeling tense and tired all day.

5. Improve Your Body-Language

Your physical body is as involved as the mind. You can see how confident someone is by looking at their body language.

High self-confidence makes you stand tall with your shoulders down. It makes you breathe deep, and you look people in the eyes. A lack of self confidence does the opposite.

This mind-body connection goes both ways. If you adopt confident posture and movement, your mind will respond with more confidence.

You’ll also signal more confidence with others, and create a feedback loop.

6. Summon Confident Memories

Scan your past for memories where you felt confident. And memories that make you proud.

Examine the memory up close. What did you feel and think? Notice how your body reacts to the memory.

Connecting to these memories reminds you of strength and positivity here and now.

7. Improve Your Self-Talk

Thinking patterns are a big part of your lack of self confidence. Negative self-talk lowers your self-esteem.

Do you find yourself thinking along the lines of “I’m stupid,” or “I’m useless” often? If you have a thought like that, flip it around and make it positive. Do this as often as you can.

Talk to yourself like you would to your child. Heal your wounded inner child.

8. Invest in Well-Being

A surefire way to make someone grumpy is to deny them proper rest and nutrition.

Do you get enough sleep? Do you eat well?

Investing the time, effort, and money to ensure good basic well-being is NOT optional. And it you will see a return on this investment in every part of your daily life.

Go to bed on time. Eat real food, don’t just grab whatever’s quick, cheap, and tasty.

Drink more water.

What happens when you go for the instant gratification (staying up on your computer, eating junk food)? The pleasure fades in a moment, and the bad consequences remain.

When you choose wisely, you may or may not struggle for a moment. Then the good results remain.

Fix Your Lack of Self Confidence

Applying these eight tips to your life will let you build confidence in no time. Let yourself enjoy life and believe in yourself.

Confidence and self-improvement go hand in hand. We have many more self-improvement articles.

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