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5 Must-Haves to Add to Your Home Security Systems

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Break-ins are costly in two ways.

On one hand, they can raise your home insurance premiums and you may have to pay to repair the damage. On the other hand, the emotional cost can be high. Knowing a stranger was inside your home can affect your feelings of safety.

In the US, a burglary happens about every eighteen seconds. You can’t afford not to protect your family.

Read on to discover the five must-haves for your home security systems.

1) Install an Alarm

An alarm is the first place you should start when building home security systems. Their siren deters most burglars and alerts neighbors something is wrong.

Choose an alarm with a link to a monitoring company. It adds an extra layer of peace of mind knowing help isn’t far away.

Make sure you post signs and stickers around your property. These let burglars know your home and yard are protected. Place them at every entry point, not just the front door.

This will deter casual thieves who will choose easier targets.

2) Choose Solid Doors and Locks

Solid doors provide more protection for your home. Choose a solid wood option or look at versions with a steel core. The door shouldn’t be weaker than the lock, or it defeats the point of the lock.

Add deadbolts to exterior doors. Make sure the throw bolt goes far into the frame so it can’t be jiggled open. Use locks on your windows and check them regularly.

3) Place Motion Lights on Your Property

Lighting the darkest parts of your property sounds like a good idea. But if those areas are near bedrooms, you risk disturbed sleep from continual light outside.

Fit lights with motion sensors to sidestep this problem. The lights only operate when they detect movement in the area. They act both to alert you and to warn burglars that your home is protected.

Some lights have daylight sensors so they only turn on after dusk. You can also buy solar-powered alternatives if the wiring is difficult in the location.

4) Add Internal Cameras to Your Set-Up

External security cameras monitor your yard or carport. Just the sight of an external camera can deter casual thieves from approaching your property.

But what if they manage to get inside?

Companies like Sentel Tech provide internal security cameras. Many of these cameras have night vision modes and you can view footage remotely. It’s a great way to keep an eye on your home when you’re on vacation.

The WiFi models capture and store footage in the cloud. Even if thieves disconnect and remove the cameras, you’ll still have access to the recordings up until disconnection.

5) Use Smart Technology

Smart home technology makes it easier than ever to run sophisticated home security systems.

With a smart doorbell, see who’s at the door through your smartphone. These doorbells start recording when they detect movement.

Set your smart lighting to switch on when the system detects movement outside. You can even set your smart thermostat to check that the doors are locked when you leave the house.

You can even extend the protection to your kids’ treehouse, as long as the sensors are in Wi-Fi range. This integration between devices makes it easy to set up your system and leave it to protect your home.

Home Security Systems Don’t Have to Be Complicated

If you’re tech-minded, investigate smart options. Connect your devices to form a comprehensive system to protect and monitor your home.

And don’t forget the basics too, like solid doors and good quality locks.

Are you interested in learning more tips like this? Check out our DIY blog for more advice!

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