Enhance Workplace Security

No Entry: How to Enhance Workplace Security in Your Organization

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Workplace security is under attack. Nearly 21,000 workers were injured in workplace violence in 2019. More than 450 workers were murdered at work. 

You need to invest in workplace security now. Yet understanding how to improve security in an organization can be difficult. 

Who should you consult with on a security plan? What locations should you spend the most time securing? What should you do during and after a security threat? 

Answer these questions and you can avoid devastating injuries from violence in the workplace. Here is your quick guide. 

Create a Workplace Security Plan 

Every workplace should have a physical security plan. The plan should cover active shooters, burglars, and natural disasters. 

Bring a security professional into your building and have them go over your various security threats. Most threats involve a break-in on the ground floor of your building. But someone may try to sneak in through a back window or upper floor. 

The plan should include measures to evaluate your employees before hiring them. Each person you hire should have an understanding of security in the workplace. If you need to fire them, you should be able to remove their access from sensitive areas in little time. 

Keep in contact with the security service you hire. Visit pages like https://marylandsecurity.net/locations/security-services-maryland/ to find the latest information.

Secure Your Entry Points 

Your main entry points are the sites of most security threats. You should be able to track everyone going in and out of your building. You can do so through security cameras, key-card entries, or some other means. 

Your windows should have shatterproof glass and solid locks on them. They should fit tightly into their frames so a thief cannot shimmy them open. You can also hang blinds over them so a thief cannot look into your building. 

You need to have emergency exits that are unlocked. But you should put sensors over the exits so an alarm rings when they open. You should also put signage around the doors so your workers know where to go during an emergency. 

Respond to Threats

There is no way to prevent all break-ins from occurring. When a break-in begins, respond to it without hesitation. 

Do not resist a burglary attempt. If someone tries to rob you, throw the valuables away from you and then run away. Employees in other rooms should evacuate the building or hunker down in locations where the thief cannot see them. 

The best way you can improve security in the workplace is to learn from security incidents. Investigate how a thief entered your building and stole your belongings. Invest in tools like safes that will keep your valuables from being taken. 

How to Promote Security in the Workplace

Workplace security depends on every worker. Every office should develop a security plan that takes into account all risks. The office should hire a security firm to help with the plan. 

Entry points are the biggest areas of focus. Doors and windows should have shatterproof materials. Emergency exits should have clear markings so occupants can see them in the dark. 

Employees should not resist an armed robber. They should evacuate or hide whenever possible. After the incident is over, an investigation should take place. 

Workplace security is always changing. Get the latest facts by following our coverage. 

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