Swimming Pool to Increase Home Value

Does a Swimming Pool Increase Home Value?

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There’s a reason why the swimming pool industry is worth an estimated $1.3 billion. Pools are not only great for exercise — they’re also a ton of fun for children and parties.

If you’re considering a pool for your home, then you’re likely wondering whether or not it will increase home value. If you want to know if it does, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll help you decide whether or not a pool is the right fit for your home. Let’s get started!

Will a New Swimming Pool Increase Home Value?

The answer is yes, a swimming pool does have the potential to increase the value of your home. In some cases, it can raise the value by as much as 7%. However, there are some conditions to this increase in value.

For one thing, your neighbors should have pools too and the house should be in a warm climate. The pool also shouldn’t take up the entire yard. There should still be room for chairs. Finally, the pool should match the style of the home.

Think About the Costs

Sadly pools don’t come cheap. There’s often a huge initial cost of $30,000 for a medium size pool. And, this price can easily increase with the size or the length of time it takes to complete. Make sure to check out this guide to learn the answer to, How long does it take to build a pool?

And, the cost doesn’t stop there. There’s also the heater and pump, which will cost around $100 a month. It will cost $500 to open and close your pool for the summer and winter seasons. And, you will likely spend roughly $600 on pool chemicals throughout the season.

Look At a Pool As an Investment In Your Lifestyle

As you can see, pools are expensive. And, while under the right conditions, it can raise your property value, that shouldn’t be the reason you get one. The truth is that pools aren’t a great investment from a financial perspective.

However, they are a great investment from a lifestyle perspective. As such, if you want a pool, then you should get one. Don’t let money be the primary motivator. Or else there’s a good chance it will become a liability instead of an asset.

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We hope this article helped you find out whether or not a pool can increase home value. As you can see, a pool can raise the value of your home. However, this shouldn’t be the only reason you get one.

At the end of the day, the main reason should be to take advantage of all of the benefits that come with owning a pool. Did you enjoy this article? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep exploring to find more topics that you’re sure to love.

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