New Roof for Your Home

8 Signs You Need a New Roof for Your Home

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Having a roof over your head is something that many of us take for granted. However, did you know that a roof has a limited life span. Depending on the type and quality of roof you have this can be anything from 25 years to 50 years. 

There are a number of telltale signs you need a new roof. Keep reading our guide to find out the 8 signs that you need a new roof for your home. 

1. You Have Leaks

A leaky roof is a sure sign that you need a roof replacement or roof repairs. Be sure to check your roof for leaks after rainfall. You can do this yourself via the attic or get a professional to investigate.  

2. Create a Modern Look

If your property looks tired and old-fashioned, then a new roof can seriously improve the look of your property. With so many beautiful slates and tiles to choose from you can reinvent your home.

3. Improve Energy Efficiency

Did you know that a quarter of heat escapes from your roof? If snowfall melts very quickly from your roof then you know that the heat is escaping. A new roof can improve energy efficiency which will not only save you money on heating bills but will also lower your carbon footprint and help the environment!

4. Moss and Mould Growth 

An excess of moss on your roof could mean that you could have poor drainage. If your roof is overrun with moss then it’s possible that mould and mildew have spread further in your property. A roof replacement can prevent mould from becoming a problem to the structure of your home. 

5. Aged Roof

A roof doesn’t last forever, if your roof is over 25 years old then it’s important to have it checked out to see if everything is in working order. Visit for a professional quote and advice for replacing a roof.

6. Neighbours Have New Roofs

If you’ve noticed that your neighbours have been getting new roofs recently then this is a sure sign that the lifespan of your roof is up. Houses near you built at the same time as your own home are a good indicator for your own home improvements.

7. You Are Looking to Sell

A new roof is a great bonus when you are looking to sell your home. It looks modern and up to date and assures prospective buyers that they are getting a quality and reliable property.

8. Guttering Issues

Similar to mould, issues with your guttering can take their toll on your roof and entire property. If you’ve neglected to clean your gutters then it’s a good idea to get a professional in to have a look for any damage and protectional roof repairs.

Do You Have Signs You Need a New Roof?

Now you’ve read out guide you may have noticed some signs you need a new roof. Be sure to look for leaks and other telltale signs of roof damage. Always consult a professional who can spot roof issues successfully.

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