Top Property Staging Tips

Top Property Staging Tips That You Probably Never Knew About

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One of the largest and most stressful tasks you will undertake in life is buying and selling a home. The lack of control over the months it takes to sell a house is anxiety-inducing. In fact, selling a house is so stressful that it brings many to tears.

However, there is one thing you can control during the home selling process, and that’s property staging. 

Here’s what property staging is, as well as some property staging tips you might have not heard of.

What Is Staging?

Property or home staging is the method of preparing a home for sale by highlighting its strengths.  

While decorating is about your personal taste, home staging is designed to appeal to the broadest possible pool of buyers. 

Not everyone stages their home, and you don’t have to either. However, staging a property could mean the difference between having a buyer or not, and it could help your home sell faster.

Property Staging Tips

Property staging can take some time. It’s not a quick fix, but if you follow these property staging tips you increase the odds that your home will sell faster.

Depersonalize Your Home

You want to make your home someone else’s home. Remove personal keepsakes, photos, and refrigerator knickknacks. You want your home to be something a buyer can envision their family in. 

Anything that is personal or that will remind potential buyers of the home’s current inhabitants should be put away.

Clean and Declutter

Make sure your air is clean and decluttered. Don’t make it just look clean, open a window and let some fresh air in so it feels clean.

And don’t ignore outdoor spaces like your backyard. While it might not be as prominent as your front yard, you can be sure that potential buyers will be looking at it. 

Speaking of front yards…

Make a Good First Impression

Make a good first impression with your front yard and entryway. Mow your lawn and tidy up any flower beds or gardens. 

If your front door is outdated, replace it with something more secure and stylish. Touch up your door with a fresh coat of paint, if needed. Doing this will increase your home’s curb appeal since the front door is the focal point of homes.

It may sound superficial, but when making a good first impression, appearances do matter.

Hire a Property Staging Company

Believe it or not, professional property or home staging companies do exist. They can replace outdated furniture with modern pieces, create a design plan that attracts the right types of buyers, and make your home market-ready. 

Shop around for the right company. Look for one that offers home staging quotes, so you’re not caught off guard by unexpected expenses.

These Property Staging Tips Will Help You Sell

Whether you’re looking to downsize into a smaller space or move to a new location, following this property staging guide will help you sell your house and transition to the next stage of your life.

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