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7 Products You Should Always Buy Generic Instead of Name Brand

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Finding quality products does not mean that you always have to buy expensive name brand products.

Many generic choices are just as good, if not better, than the leading brands. We’ve found the best products to choose generic brands over popular name brands.

1. Water

One would assume that water is a relatively simple product with little room for disparity. Just the opposite, in fact!

Walk through any grocery store and you’ll see different labels, names, and packaging for essentially the same product. Skip the expensive name brand and choose store brand bottles and jugs.

2. Milk

Milk is another drink that you can be lax with. Choose the store brand or whatever may be the cheapest.

Obviously, this has stipulations attached based on your own dietary needs.

3. Canned Vegetables and Beans

Store brand vegetables and beans are often the cheapest and are traditionally paired with a BOGO-type offer.

Even if you’re only saving a dollar here and there, your budget will thank you in the long run.

4. Generic Medications

Regardless of your financial situations, medications cost a pretty penny. Whether you have a cold, the flu, or other ailment, generic medication is a viable option.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require generic and name brand medications, over-the-counter choices, and prescriptions adhere to the same safety standards.

When asked whether generic medications work similarly to brand names, the FDA stated, “Yes. Any generic medicine modeled after a brand-name medicine must perform the same in the body as the brand-name medicine.”

Generic medications also make it easier and more convenient to fill your prescriptions on websites, like Canada Drugs Online. Log in, order, and your medications will be delivered to your doorstep.

5. Sunscreen

As long as there is efficient UV protection, store brand sunscreen is a great choice to save some money.

Many people are wary of switching to generic sunscreens. Rest assured that the protection claimed on the bottle must adhere to the same standards and protection as the name brands.

6. Aluminum Foil and Cling Film

Kitchen products’ quality is not limited to leading name brands. Much like water, aluminum foil and cling film is essentially the same product made more expensive due to name brands.

Ditch the usual choices and pick up the store brand alternative the next time you shop.

7. Cleaning Products

Tired of wondering if chemicals in cleaning products are unknowingly harming you and your family? Don’t be forced into buying name brand chemicals.

There are plenty of store brand cleaning products, many of which are greener than their name brand counterparts.

Take it a step further and set aside some time to make your own.

Ditch the Name Brand

Making the switch to generic, store brand products may seem like measly dollars and cents here and there but over time those small bits will increase to hundreds of dollars!

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