Magnetic Drill

How Your Production Line Could Benefit From a Magnetic Drill

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If you work in the construction or manufacturing industries, you know that the right tools can make all the difference. Proper equipment translates to more efficient operation on the production line. And that means greater profits.

Industries that need repetitive drilling with great precision rely on magnetic drills. These machines are much easier to use and are more accurate than handheld drills.

If you think your business could benefit from the use of magnetic drills, keep reading. The information below explains how these tools work and how they can increase production.

Magnetic Drill Basics

A magnetic drill is a portable drill with an electromagnetic or permanent magnet base. The base adheres to steel (or other ferrous metal) surfaces, stabilizing the machine during the cutting process. Mag drills come in a variety of sizes, with different components, and can be used to drill at almost any angle.

A mag drill comprises a stand, motor (and housing), arbor, and base. Most mag drills have a tough design and are quite versatile.

They can accommodate a wide range of tooling. This includes annular cutters, thread-cutting tools, reamers, twist drills, and others.

Electric magnetic drill presses are the most common but need access to electrical current. Pneumatic mag drills are a good alternative for work sites that deal with a lot of rain or moisture. They can even be used underwater.

Mag drills range in size from very lightweight to heavy-duty industrial. Hydraulic mag drills are mainly used in heavy construction projects.

Advantages of a Magnetic Drill

Speed and precision are the two main advantages of using a mag drill. They are 2 to 4 times faster than conventional drilling presses. Part of the reason is that the magnetism makes lining up and securing the drill much easier.

Since you are not relying on the steadiness of hand, mag drills are much more consistent in drilling identical holes. They were originally developed by construction companies to drill large numbers of holes in steel that is already in place. You can even drill accurate holes in materials completely upside down.

Due to the security the magnetism provides, mag drills are much safer than other machines. A final advantage of a mag drill is efficiency. These machines rely on less power than other drills, which makes them less cumbersome.

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Learn More About How Magnetic Drills Can Help Your Production Line

Now that you know how this increased technology can benefit your business, you can find a magnetic drill retailer near you. Remember that time is money. Increasing drilling speeds with added precision can help take your production line to the next level.

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