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5 Steps for Removing Red Wine Stains

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In life, accidents happen. When they happen with red wine, if someone doesn’t know the steps to remove red wine stains, there can be an unsightly reminder of that accident for many years to come.

That’s if the material hasn’t been completely destroyed. Luckily, there is no need to panic or in many cases, even throw out the stained materials because are five easy steps for removing stains caused by red wine. Read on, because anyone who loves red wine knows that eventually, they will spill their wine.

Read on, because anyone who loves red wine knows that eventually, they will spill their wine. Also, when it happens, taking action quickly helps ensure the stained material can still be saved.

1. Never Rub the Material, Blot it Instead

While most people’s first instinct is to rub the area where the red wine stains are, it’s never a good idea to do that. Rubbing the material actually just forces the stain in further, making it more difficult or impossible to fully remove the stain.

Not only that, but rubbing can also spread the stain into other areas. So never, ever rub but rather, gently blot the material. Blotting helps gently absorb the red wine rather than spreading it.

It’s also smart to use a clean towel or paper towel to blot up the stain before it sets in too much. If spilling is a common occurrence, investing in clean rags might be a smart idea.

2. Pull the Material Tight Before Applying Anything

If the material that has the red wine stains is removable, like a shirt or towel, then it helps to pull the material as taught as possible. Try pulling it tight over a bowl and using a rubber band to hold it in place.

Pulling it tight will help ensure that the area is cleaned thoroughly and more effectively and it will also help to prevent further spreading.

If the stain is on the carpet where it’s obviously not possible to pull the material tight, try pouring a little bit of water over the wine stain before blotting it. The water will help dilute the wine.

However, do not pour too much water over the stain as it may help spread the stain. Rather, use small amounts and have more than one towel available to continue to blot until the stain is removed.

3. Use a Natural Material to Help Absorp the Red Wine Stains

Luckily, in most households, there are plenty of natural materials to grab and pour over the red wine stains to help remove them. Some of these ideas work better for specific areas in the home or on clothing.

For Carpets and Rugs

Salt is great to use on carpets and rugs. After blotting the stain as much as possible, simply pour enough salt over the stain until it’s not visible. Then let it dry.

The salt should absorb up the remaining red wine and all that’s needed is to have a vacuum run over the area. If there isn’t salt available, making a paste out of three parts baking soda to one part water and applying it to the stain until it dries will also work well.

Lastly, an oxi cleaner can also be used to help remove the stain from a carpet or rug.

Remedies for Clothing

For clothing, it’s possible to use salt, baking soda, and an oxi cleaner, but one can also try using equal parts a gentle dishwashing detergent and hydrogen peroxide. Simply pour it over the stain (ensuring the mixture goes safely into a sink or bowl) and then wash immediately afterward.

Using white vinegar and laundry detergent also works well but apply the white vinegar, which removes red and purple stains easily and then apply the laundry detergent.

Lastly, if nothing else is available and the material is white, try using bleach. It’s not the best method, but it works in an emergency.

4. Add Boiling Water

Boiling water works wonders on removing red wine stains. It is especially helpful for removing the stains from a towel, blanket, or tablecloth.

However, boiling water is works in a pinch if the red wine stain isn’t noticed until after it has dried. While it can be more difficult to remove the stain after drying, it doesn’t mean all is lost.

Simply make sure the stain has been saturated with the hot water, then apply a pre-treatment from the list above. The next step would be to apply a favorite oxy product on the stain for two to 10 hours.

5. Toss into the Washing Machine

Anything that can be tossed into the washing machine for a good cleaning should be washed. Of course, wash the materials in hot water to help further remove the stains.

An oxy cleaner can also be added to the machine to help remove the stains. Do not place the material in the dryer until the stain has been fully removed. The heat from the dryer may cause the stain to set permanently.

If those methods don’t work or don’t fully remove the red wine stains, contact a professional. Whether it’s a dry cleaner or a professional carpet cleaning company, they often have the right materials to help remove the stains permanently.

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