Hemp Terpenes

What Are Hemp Terpenes and How Are They Used? A Helpful Guide

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Trying to become a hemp expert but you have no idea what terpenes are? If you’re trying to learn more about hemp, getting a grasp on hemp terpenes is a must. Hemp terpenes have so many amazing benefits, but knowing the different types is necessary.

In this guide, we will explain what terpenes in hemp are, how they are used as well as why so that you can be on your way to becoming a future hemp expert. Keep reading for all you need to know.

So, What Are Hemp Terpenes?

Terpenes are organic compounds found in hemp and other plants. These compounds give hemp its distinct taste and smell, and may also have distinct therapeutic elements. Terpenes are grouped into different categories based on size and type.

These compounds also help protect the plant from pest, fungi, and bacteria. They are produced in a mature female hemp flower and can be found within the sticky resins.

So, Why Does This Matter?

Knowing more about terpenes can really help when trying to learn more about hemp and it’s benefits. Knowing more about terpenes can help you make more educated decisions when choosing hemp products for your specific needs, and it can also allow you to help others. Keep reading to find out how knowing more about this compound can help.

Know Your Terpenes Health Benefits

When purchasing hemp for health issues or prevention, paying attention to the terpene type can help you make the best decision. While almost all terpenes have antimicrobial properties that may fight off fungus and bacteria, different kinds have more specific uses.

For example, terpenes such as Beta-Caryophyllene may be sought out by those looking for an anti-inflammatory, which is great for minor pain relief. Guaiol is a terpene that has been used for ages to soothe issues such as sore throat and gout. This treatment was brought to Europe by Spanish colonizer from the Dominican Republic and has been used by many ever since.

The compounds Myrcene and Limonene are thought to cause uplifting effects, which may help those with anxiety or depression. Linalool is a terpenes compound thought to have calming effects.

Additional Info on Terpenes

Something you may not have known about terpenes is that they are a huge deal in the cosmetic industry. Terpenes all have their own unique aroma profile, making them great additions to fragrances, lotions, and serums.

These helpful compounds even occur in medication and foods. Humulene is a compound that is often used in hops, made to brew beer.

Compounds like A-Pinene have even been researched as a benefit to climate change. Author Paul von Hartmann wrote a book about how growing more hemp in a sustainable and effective manner may help to cool the earth’s temperature.

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Know It All With This Hemp Terpenes Guide

Whether your opening your own hemp shop or are trying to become a knowledgeable consumer, knowing the facts when it comes to details like hemp terpenes can help you become educated and prepared.

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