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How to Drink Beer the Right Way: This is What You Should Do

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What do Hillary Clinton and Justin Bieber have in common? Photographs prove they both love sitting back and enjoying a beer.

Photos show Hillary Clinton toasting a patron, as she gets ready to enjoy a pint of beer at an Irish pub in Ohio. Justin’s experience was a little wilder, showing photographs of Bieber drinking beers in the jungle, while on vacation in South Africa.

Whether you’re, at a pub, on vacation, or relaxing at home, beer can make your time better. However, if you don’t know how to drink beer the right way, you’re not getting the full experience.

For those looking to have a tasty good time, we can help. Read on to learn everything you need to know about drinking beer the right way!

How to Drink Beer

As you get ready to learn how to drink beer, you’ll first want to understand what affects your beer’s taste. Different beer containers create different tastes.

Here are 3 of the most common types of beer containers:

  • Draft
  • Bottle
  • Can

For a super fresh taste, we suggest trying a beer on draft. Usually, when a beer is on draft it’s because it’s getting used quickly by the establishment. This means that the pub you’re at has to replace that specific brand often, allowing your draft beer to have a famously fresh taste.

Problems With Bottled Beers

Beware of bottled beers. Bottled beers may look the coolest, but they’re not always the best when it comes to flavor. Exposure to light, or oxygen, will cause the beer to lose its freshness.

When properly stored, bottled beer can look good and taste great. If you’re going to get a bottle of beer, make sure you store it somewhere dark, and cool.

Canned Beer

Finally, canned beer tends to be fresher than bottled. Since light can’t get through the can, the beer inside is better able to maintain it’s true flavor. You can also order custom koozies fast online, to personalize your beverage.

Best Beer Glasses

So far we’ve been talking about the containers you can buy your beer in. However, it’s also important to know about the best glasses to put your beer in.

Here are some of the most popular beer glasses:

  • Pint glass
  • Stemmed tulip glass
  • The snifter

A pint glass is a classic choice for beer drinkers across the globe.

Power of Pints

One of the main reasons pint glasses are so popular is because they work for a variety of beer options. Whether you plan on drinking pale ale, stout, or American lager, a pint glass is a perfect choice. When you plan on drinking beer in large quantities, pint glasses also allow for a large head on top.

Deep Flavors

If you plan on drinking a beer that’s rich in flavor, then consider using a stemmed tulip glass. You’ll be able to hold the drink without making your beer warm. Now, you can enjoy a cool refreshing taste, for as long as your drink lasts.

Old School Snifters

Last but not least we come to the snifter. Famously shown in the 16th-century painting of the “Last Supper”, snifters used to only be for brandy. However, over the years, beer enthusiasts have begun to graduate towards using snifters for beers with high alcohol counts.

The snifter glass is smaller, so it helps prevent over-drinking. The small shape of a snifter is also fun when you want to be able to swirl your drink around to enjoy the full flavor.

Choose a Beer You’ll Like

To choose the right beer, you might have to do a little bit of taste-testing.

Here are some of the classic beer styles you should try:

  • Ales
  • Lagers
  • Wheat beer

Ales typically have a sweet, and almost fruity flavor. Lagers, on the other hand, tend to have a more crisp flavor then ales.

Moving on, stouts are similar to ales, while also being different. It’s common for stouts to be dark and creamy. You may also find a stout that has a similar to coffee or chocolate.

Bitters also have a deep dark color, however, their taste is harder to define. If you’re trying out bitters for the first time, you should taste test the ordinary bitters, regular bitters, and strong bitters.

Finally, wheat beer is a type of ale, and it’s often light-colored. It’s normal for wheat beer to taste like a spicy apple and banana mixture.

How to Pour and Sip

After you pick the right beer, and glass to enjoy it in, you’re ready to start pouring! Here are a few tips to help you pour your beer:

  • Thoroughly clean the glass
  • Check beers date codes
  • Know when to dump your beer

Any grease or residue on your glass can affect the head formation on your beer. Thoroughly clean the glass you’re planning on using, and rinse it with cold water. If the glass is already clean, rinse it with cold water anyways to remove any hidden oils.

When you use a freshly cleaned glass, the head can form properly on your beer, allowing you to get the full experience. The foam from the head can create a pleasant, creamy flavor, especially if you’re using a wheat beer.

Mistakes Novice Beer Drinkers Make

Beer drinking is an art that allows you to fully taste your beverage. If you’re not respecting the art, you’re not getting the full benefit of your drink.

As a new beer drinker, you’ll want to make sure you’re avoiding common beer-drinking mistakes. Let’s look at the common beer mistakes:

  • Frosting your glass
  • Drinking beer ice-cold
  • Keeping beer too long

Drinking out of a frosted beer glass may sound fun, but it’s not a good way to appreciate the flavor of your beer. When you frost a glass, you’ll make the beer foam. When beer foams, you ruin its carbonation and zap it of all its delicious aromas.

Avoid Ice Cold Beer

It’s also not a good idea to drink ice cold beer. Instead, drink your beer when it’s at room temperature, or slightly above room temperature. You’ll also want to avoid keeping beer for too long. Since beers age quickly, it’s best to drink them when you buy them.

Bottoms Up

Cheers! Now that you know how to drink beer like a pro, what tasty beverage will you be trying first? Are you going to go for the draft, in a tall pint glass? Or will you be filling up stemmed tulip glass with an adventurous wheat beer?

Whatever drink, or glass you choose, we know you’ll enjoy your beer drinking experience! For more ways to get the best experiences in life, explore the rest of this site.

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