Corporate Social Responsibility

Now, More Than Ever: The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

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It’s easy to overlook corporate social responsibility as a feel-good marketing catchphrase. Most people can’t name how companies give back to local neighborhoods.

But if the first six months of 2020 have taught us nothing else, it’s that collective action is no longer just the responsibility of individuals. Take a look at this overview of the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

COVID-19 was a financial setback for most businesses. Around the world, quarantine meant shutting down the production of items people need.

But it also meant small businesses could step up to help people in need. Work on creating emergency plans that help your local neighborhoods.

Corporate social responsibility isn’t just something that happens with customers or local areas.

Responsibility for people making the items the community needs can also play a part. Make sure your business has a plan for showing how the wellbeing of others is more important than making a profit.

Companies can use this messaging to make meaningful connections with their communities. 

In times of social unrest, your brand needs a contribution story. You want to appear on the right side of history to show thoughtful leadership. 

Research shows that making connections with target customers creates the following benefits.


It’s much easier to gain trust when you care about the community you serve. Go beyond a well-penned web page that talks about helping others. 

Set up a detailed program that shows how you make change happen for those who need help the most. Be sure the changes you want to make are actually relevant to your local community. 

If you’re not sure, ask for suggestions from local community leaders to learn where you can spend your time and money. 


The importance of corporate social responsibility isn’t just moral. Better connections with customers can actually help your bottom line.

This is because CSR programs lead to more brand loyalty. 

Brand loyalty means that customers will keep buying from you even if they find cheaper products somewhere else. They’d rather support your brand’s mission and values that give their money to a competitor.


Brands with strong corporate social responsibility programs are approachable.  This is a major benefit of any internet marketing campaign.

Approachable brands are more likely to have high customer engagement on their online channels. This boosts your brand’s visibility online because search engines will mark the content as relevant to a wider group of people. 

Be sure to monitor your channels to respond quickly to customer comments, feedback, and concerns. Part of a good engagement strategy is making sure the conversation goes both ways. 

The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the future. People want to do business with companies that care. 

The importance of corporate social responsibility is that it shows, not tells brand values. Let customers what your brand represents by posting photos to your social channels that reveal your programs in action. 

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