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5 Creative Ways to Sell a House Fast

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Did you know houses are selling 8% faster today than last year? In August 2020, most homes stayed on the market for an average of 56 days. 

Not bad, but do you want to sell your house faster than that? Then you’ll have to be creative. 

Keep on reading to get ideas on the creative ways to sell a house fast. 

1. Get Creative with the Open House

Open houses are where potential buyers can look through the house. No one buys a house without looking, so you can see how open houses are an important part of the buying process. This is where you can get creative to sell a house fast. 

Instead of throwing a standard open house, why not go above and beyond? Sure, wine and cheese sound lovely, but it gets old real fast. 

Try something unconventional to attract more people to the property to get higher chances of meeting a buyer. 

Here’s an idea: throw a party, and make it look like an actual party instead of some boring open house. 

Get some live entertainment, for instance, plus a catering service. You don’t have to throw a dinner party with five courses; a food truck will do. 

Hire a food truck for burgers, sandwiches, or even shawarma. Throwing an open house on a hot summer day? An ice cream truck or a snow cone truck are great ideas. 

The idea is to be unusual and fun to attract more visitors. With a small investment, you can get offers right away. 

2. Turn It Into a Contest

One of the most creative ways to sell a house fast is to hold a raffle – the prize? Your house. 

The mechanics are up to you, but the gist is that you charge an entry fee and then decide on the winner. It’s an easy way of selling a home, but it can be troublesome. 

You’ll have to ensure you get enough entries to cover the cost of the house. You’ll have to get an appraiser and do some math to see how many entries you need and how much to charge. 

If you don’t get enough entries, you may have to give the fees back. 

Another thing to consider is the laws in your state. An innkeeper in Maine did this game for her inn, earning her roughly the value of the inn. 

Some of those who didn’t win took to the court, although it ruled in her favor in the end. That’s because it was an essay contest, which meant it was a game of skill and not a game of chance. The court deemed it legal because of that. 

You also have to make sure the game is fair so you don’t get taken to court over it.

If you do decide to go this route, cover your bases first, then, have fun giving away your house.  

3. Auction Your House Off

Alternatively, you can also auction off your house. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it yourself. You do have to find a good auctioneer, though. 

Find one who specializes in home auctions. Then, contact them to find out when they’re holding their next auction in your area. You want someone with experience and one who knows how to advertise the property. 

The best scenario is that a bidding war happens on your property. This is likely when your house is particularly desirable. 

You want to ensure you get the highest bid possible, so you shouldn’t skimp on advertising. You want more people to come for more competition. 

You can choose to play it safe and go for a Reserve Auction. This means the house doesn’t sell unless the bids go above a set price. You’ll still have to pay the auctioneer a no-sell fee, though. 

However, absolute auctions draw in bigger crowds. That’s because the house will sell no matter what, which interests many buyers. 

4. Host a Virtual Open House

Nowadays, people can now go online shopping for a house. Technology is neat, isn’t it? Aside from using it to check out We Buy Houses For Cash, you can now cater to people who can’t physically come to an open house by doing a virtual tour of the house. 

You can do the tour in any way you want. You can, for example, be the host as you walk through the audience to the different parts of the house. This is a great idea as you can narrate all the details you know about each room. 

You can do it as a livestream or you can upload the video to platforms like Facebook and YouTube. These allow you to have a bigger reach as your friends can share the live or video with their friends. You might reach potential buyers this way. 

Or, you can get even more creative and do something fun in the stream or recorded video. Hire a comedian to do a short skit, or stage an event using local talents. Don’t go over the top, though, and maintain the focus on the property. 

5. Find Referrals on Facebook

You can use your Facebook in another way – to give away money. Okay, hear us out first. 

To reach as many potential buyers as possible on this platform, you need a lot of shares. If you can reach thousands, you’ll likely get an offer in no time. 

To encourage your friends and even strangers to share, offer a monetary reward. The one whose share leads to a sale will get the money. It’s like paying a commission for the referral. 

You should offer a high enough value to pique people’s interest. $200 should be high enough, although there are some who offer up to $1,000. 

Find Other Creative Ways to Sell a House Fast

Creativity has no limits, so there’s no shortage of creative ways to sell a house fast. That means you can find more ways other than our tips above. 

Feel free to try one or more from our list. Of course, you shouldn’t stop here when there are more ways to successfully market the property you want to sell. To discover even more tips, we suggest checking out our other guides today!

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