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Closing the Deal: 5 Ways to Deliver a Presentation that Wows Your Audience

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You’re a business owner who must give a presentation to a group of potential investors. You stayed up all night preparing, but you can’t shake the nervousness.

You fear botching the presentation and scaring away the investors. Still nervous, you’re minutes away from the presentation.

What do you do?

In order to deliver a presentation, you must know your audience. An excellent presentation includes simple language, photos, body language, interesting stories, and practice.

We will show how to maintain composure during any presentation. Keep reading if you wish to obtain the confidence you need.

Keep It Simple

To avoid confusion, keep your words short and succinct. Avoid complicated language that could lead to misunderstandings. 

Further, trim your presentation to the most important details. Ideally, a presentation should be 20 minutes or less. Moreover, visuals will shorten your presentation. 

Visual Bait

Humans are naturally drawn to eye-popping photos and graphics. In addition, people would rather see pictures than read words.

  • Note: People tend to get confused when the text of the presentation doesn’t match what the presenter is saying. 

When making a presentation, include photos that correspond with your speech. While speaking with your photos in the background, keep hand gestures and posture in mind. 

Calming the Body

To instill confidence within yourself, open your arms and chest to feel more relaxed. This technique also helps you breathe better. With that, you should retain some measure of stiffness to project a sense of authority.

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When presenting, gesture with your hands and arms in a free-flowing manner. Most importantly, maintain eye contact with audience members to further engage them. 

Another way to enlist their interest is to tell an interesting story or mention a controversial issue.

Deliver a Presentation Through Stories

Humans gravitate to stories, which is why you should include an anecdote or story at the beginning of the presentation. Stories and unique examples help audience members comprehend the topic. 

  • Note: You can also ask viewers a question to make them think further on the issue.

Stories are also a nice break after multiple text slides or technical information. Also, it’s an effective way to make a business presentation more interesting. However, you should rehearse interesting stories before including them in the presentation. 

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Practice will foster assurance within any presenter. Check your voice to ensure that you have a normal tone that conveys reliability. When practicing, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Practicing in front of a mirror
  • Practicing in front of friends or family members
  • Recording yourself while speaking

Practice also gives you a chance to figure out your postures and gestures.

Feeling Confidence Yet?

If not, there’s no shame in admitting you’re unsure. Knowing how to deliver a presentation takes practice and dedication. Practice is the most important step when preparing a presentation.

As you practice, maintain an air of confidence to make audience members feel more comfortable. Make them think they’re in the hands of an expert

Presentations build self-confidence and discipline. To learn more about personal growth, visit our self-improvement section to get more information.


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