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Going on a Cruise Alone? 7 Tips for Taking a Luxury Cruise Solo

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Between 2015 and 2017, there was a 42% increase in solo traveler bookings. Of the 42%, 40% were men while 45% were women. What this shows is that more people are now going at it alone and this trend is set to continue past 2019.

In the next 2 years, 25% of US millennials said they are planning on going on a cruise alone. There are several reasons why many people are choosing to go by themselves. For starters, they have an opportunity of learning something new.

Good cultural attractions and iconic landmarks are other reasons for solo traveling. Unlike flying, cruises enable you to visit different countries without changing rooms.

Before you book your trips, there are a few things you need to know.

Read on and learn the 7 tips for taking a luxury cruise solo.

1. Research Before Cruising Solo

If you Google “solo luxury cruises,” popular cruises you will find include Crystal Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line. Others include the Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Cunard, and Fred Olsen Cruises.

Before embarking on your luxury transatlantic cruise vacation, compare the cruise packages and ships on offer. Just so you know, if you choose a smaller liner, you will end up meeting the same people during the cruise.

2. Take Advantage of All Going on a Cruise Alone Perks

Today, luxury cruise liners are opening up to solo travelers compared to before. As such, they are providing many perks to attract more single travelers. For instance, you will find rooms priced for a solo traveler without a supplement.

You also have the Single Partners Program offered by Holland America. On board the liner, you get cocktail parties, games for solos and culinary programs.

3. Avoid the Single Supplement

Most solo travelers are afraid of how people will judge them. To avoid the stares and whispers behind one’s back, a solo traveler will end up paying for a double cabin. This is very costly considering that you are alone.

As a traveler going on a cruise alone, avoid the single supplement. There are hundreds of single cabins on luxury cruise liners like the Norwegian Epic. Also, they have a dedicated social area for mingling with other solo travelers.

4. Have a Budget and Stick to It

When traveling, one is tempted to splurge a little bit especially at the bar and stores. That’s not bad but you need to do it moderately. To avoid breaking the bank, have a budget and stick to it. Don’t max your credit cards.

If you want some me time, bring along a few good books. Or, download them into your e-reader.

5. Take Part in a Cruise Line Excursion

When a cruise liner docks at the port, the management organizes ship shore excursions. As a solo traveler, this is the perfect time to meet and connect with other solo travelers.

If you have made friends on the cruise liner, you can go for private tours together. As a  small group, you get to connect and learn at the same time.

6. Put Yourself out There

Traveling solo does not mean that you can’t find love. To meet your significant other, put yourself out there. Yes, reading a book is great but you can’t meet your better half that way. There are many activities you can take part in.

You can join a dance class (the surest way to meet your significant other), or sing karaoke.

7. Enjoy Yourself

Taking a cruise alone does not have to be boring. This is the time for you to enjoy yourself and unplug. Not only that.

It is a way of reaching your inner zen. Stay away from the internet, smartphones, TV, tablet and other devices. Just soak up the sun and mingle.

How to Have Fun by Yourself

Going on a cruise alone calls for being bold. If you want to make new friends, speak up, get involved in the social scene and try out different activities. Who knows.

You may end up meeting your significant other on one of the solo luxury cruises.

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