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It Feels So Good! How to Maximize Office Space

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Where is the one place you spend most of your day being productive and getting things done besides your own home? The office. 

You want your office to be clean and tidy so you and your fellow coworkers are productive, organized, and always ready to get the job done. But sometimes clutter happens and things spiral out of control.

You should dedicate some time to cleaning your office and maximizing the amount of space that you have. 

Keep reading for our tips on how to maximize office space and promote a more productive workplace. 

Rearrange the Furniture

A great way to maximize space in your office is to rearrange all of the furniture you already have and rethink the space. You should only have furniture that is absolutely necessary or adds something to your office by not taking up too much space. Donating furniture items that you don’t need anymore is a great way to make some extra space in your office. 

If you have a tiny office space and an extra-large desk, then this isn’t really the best way to optimize your space. You may want to consider getting rid of a huge desk and opt for a smaller one. 

Make sure that the furniture in your office is arranged in a smart, useful, and sensible fashion. You don’t want the furniture to clog or overtake your office space so get rid of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. 

Go Paperless

Office space that is filled with tons and tons of filing cabinets look overcrowded, overcluttered, and don’t promote productivity. Having an abundant amount of papers can also be overwhelming and we all know filing is one of the tasks we don’t look forward to. The solution for your office is to go paperless!

Technology has been changing greatly over the years so having all of your documents and paperwork easily accessible on your computer will help you and your office be more productive and organized. Uploading all of the documents you have been storing over the years will be the hard part. Once you get it done you and your fellow coworkers will be so grateful. 

When you’ve finished uploading all of your documents to the computer you’re going to have to figure out how to get rid of all that paper. Visit this website to see your shredding options. You don’t want to just throw away important documents that could have sensitive information on them so make sure to get rid of them the right way by shredding them.  

Organization Is Key

One of the major reasons that offices can get overcluttered is because there isn’t an organization system even for the small stuff. An awesome way to keep your desk organized is getting trays that can stack on top of each other. Make sure to distinguish each tray with a specific label. 

Keeping your desk tidy and organized is a great way to maximize your own space and improve productivity. You won’t be worried or scrambling to find a document that is misplaced because it should be in its specific spot. 

Another great way to organize things in your office and to give you a bit more space is to install shelves. This is an aesthetically pleasing way to give your office a bit more space and add organization. 

Deep Clean the Office

If you’re looking to get more space in your office quickly, then deep cleaning your space is a great way to get rid of unnecessary things. Clear everything off and out of your desk so you can get rid of things that are not needed. After all, you sit at your desk for roughly 8 hours a day so unwanted things have probably made their home deep in your desk. 

You can also deep clean your supply closets. At the time keeping the original boxes for phones, keyboards, or printers may have seemed like a good idea but now you should get rid of them. Reorganizing your supply closets can also help to give you more space for things in the future. 

Even just cleaning and dusting around the office can give you the illusion that your office has more space. A perfectly clean office is going to look more appealing and presentable than one that hasn’t been cleaned in some time. 

Share Your Space

Another good way to get some more space in your office is to share. Back in the day, it seemed more efficient for everyone to be sectioned off or tucked away in their own office but that doesn’t have to be the default. Sharing an office or cubicle with someone is a great way to promote productivity and give your office more space. 

Having an open office or sharing a room is a great way for small businesses to get the space that they need. This is also one of the best ways to help employees be more productive too. If they see their coworkers engaged in work, then they will be more motivated to do the same. 

Ask Everyone to Contribute

The best way to maximize your office space is to ask everyone to contribute. Have a brainstorming meeting to see what ideas they have that could be better suited for your office. They may notice a piece of furniture that rarely gets used so you can get rid of it. 

Asking everyone to make sure that their desks stay clean and organized is something the entire office environment can benefit from. Ask your employees what types of organizational items they would need to keep their space neat and tidy. You can set aside a day where everyone can participate in doing a deep clean to start organizing and getting rid of unnecessary things. 

How to Maximize Office Space

When it comes to figuring out how to maximize office space you should sit down and brainstorm the best methods for your office. You can do some trial and error and figure out what works for you and your employees. 

If you are interested in learning more business tips and tricks, then check out the rest of our blog for more helpful advice. 

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