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4 Ideas for Customized Gifts for Dad

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Customized gifts that are both personal and unique are the most memorable of all gift types. We all want the gift receiver to enjoy what we got for them, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect gift.

When it comes to gifts for dad, it’s often even harder. It’s not easy to find the right balance between useful and heart-felt, and do we even know which gifts work best for customization?

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Listed down below are some great gift ideas that allow for that special personal touch!

1. Coffee Mugs

Mugs are a universal gift. After all, how many of us bought our fathers a #1 Dad mug for father’s day when we were children?

With a couple of sharpies and an oven, you can create anything you want on that mug. Write an inside joke or a fun memory. Draw a funny picture or pattern.

Once you’re done decorating, bake the mug for at least 30 minutes. The ink gets set into the ceramic and stays right in place, preserving your customized design!

2. Bottle Openers

Not only are bottle openers useful, but they’re also a nice conversation starter during a party. It’d be a cool thing for your dad to bring out and show off the personalized bottle opener to his friends.

You could engrave the metal of the opener yourself to give it a whole new look. You could even give the opener a new and fancier handle by gluing the metal into the new material.

3. Phone Case

Everyone uses a phone case these days, so why not give your dad a new design of your own creation? The best part is that the case makes for a blank canvas, so there’s no end to the interesting things you could throw together.

Decorate the outside with colorful tape. Paint a personal design or phrase in acrylics. Glue on photographs of the family.

Keep experimenting until you find the right design that conveys the message you want to give.

4. Pocket Knife

Many people like to have a pocket knife with them and there’s a good chance your dad is in that same boat. Pocket knives are great gifts for those dads who are adventurers.

To make the knife unique, carve a design into the handle or even the metal of the knife. Give it a coat of paint or new stain color.

If your dad already has a knife that he loves, try creating a protective sleeve for the knife instead. Stitching together sturdy cloth or bits of leather make great sleeves for pocket knives.

The Best Gifts for Dad Come From the Heart

With this list, you’ll have a great starting point for finding the perfect gifts for dad this season. Let your imagination run wild, as there are tons of other ways to bring a personal touch to a gift.

With this kind of DIY customization in mind, you’ll have no trouble turning any ordinary gift into a perfect gift.

For even more DIY ideas, check out the rest of our DIY section!

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