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7 Reasons Why Your Employees Need Healthy Office Snacks

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Corporate America and the employees within it are constantly on the move. The demands of an everyday business provide a hustle and bustle culture for everyone involved.

To keep up, the workers are looking for sources of food and caffeine to keep up and provide themselves with the energy that they need.

Ultimately, that can lead to some pretty unhealthy eating decisions when they’re left at the mercy of what’s in the vending machine. After eating those choices, they’ll crash faster than you can say “productivity”.

Here are the benefits of providing healthy office snacks for you and your employees.

1. Shows an Interest in Their Well-Being

All employees enjoy knowing that their employer and the company that they work for has their best interests in mind.

Little things such as filling the vending machine and office fridge with healthy snacks won’t go unnoticed by them.

Not to mention, many employees want to start living a healthier lifestyle. They just aren’t sure where to begin and what to prioritize. Few people notice the excessive calories that they take in from occasional snacking throughout the workday.

Helping them realize the difference it will make in their life will start them down the right path.

You can kickstart that with HealthyYou Vending’s guidance.

2. Increased Productivity in the Workplace

Say no more… right? This factor alone should be enough reason to rid your vending machine of all unhealthy snacks.

Healthy snacks place a premium on providing the carbohydrates (energy) that your employees need without the unhealthy sugars that will send them crashing down minutes later.

This can also time hack the process of your employees spending several minutes each hour debating what snack to choose. Give them limited options to pick between, thus lessening the time they take to decide.

Not many employees view the snacks they eat as “fuel for the day”, they simply do it because they’re hungry at the time. That doesn’t mean you, as their employer shouldn’t be viewing their snacks that way.

3. A Great Add-On to Your Employee Wellness Programs

Many great organizations have tried and failed at incorporating an employee wellness program into their company culture.

Many of them fail because the employees don’t feel as if their company is taking it seriously. You have to be the one to show how seriously you’re taking it.

Installing healthy snacks into the workplace will back up your statement of wanting them to live healthier. While a few may rebel and bring unhealthy snacks from home, you’ll convert a few employees into trying a healthier option.

At the end of the day, your employee wellness program is supposed to inspire change in their lives. Incorporating healthy snacks is a great way to start that.

4. Makes Your Employees Happier

Not only will providing healthier fuel for your employees to increase production, but it will also increase the positivity in the office.

Many employees experience a decrease in their mood when their energy begins to fade. Unhealthy foods will lead them to crash faster, and more intensely.

Healthy snacks will help them keep the perfect amount of energy for a longer period of time and, in turn, will help them keep a positive attitude.

Not only that, they’ll be happy that you’re placing a premium on their health. Not only are you looking for ways to motivate them with your team meetings, but you’re also going the extra mile to provide them healthy fuel as well.

Your office will be the talk of the town for its exhaustive efforts in promoting a healthy diet.

5. Reinforcements for Your Employee’s Diet

Your employees are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves in both their careers and personal life.

One of the most glaring ways to do that is by trying to integrate a healthier diet into their lives. However, that gets complicated to do in an environment with unhealthy options surrounding them.

Having healthy snacks in the office helps them stay on track with their goals. That will lead to them being proud of the changes their seeing in their life and thus will bring a positive attitude to the workplace.

6. Collaborative Team Effort

Stacking your office with healthy foods and ridding it of the unhealthy ones shows how much you genuinely care about your employees’ choices.

You’re promoting a healthier lifestyle for them the same way that a family member would. This brings a whole new meaning to your claim that your office is a family atmosphere.

When your employees see the attention you’re giving to their diet, they’ll do the same for each other.

7. Inspires Positive Change

As previously mentioned, many of your employees are looking for a way to switch things up… they just may not know what that looks like.

Having their fearless leader take the first step in providing healthy options will show them the right way towards more happiness.

You’ll notice a shift in your employee’s overall health, and it’s satisfying to know that you were their initial push for change.

Once one employee starts to see results, the other employees will follow along in pursuit of those same rewards. You’ll be witnessing a positive shift in your office’s attitude before you know it!

Incorporate Healthy Office Snacks for Your Team Today!

Now that you’ve seen the benefits that healthy office snacks bring you and your employees, it’s time to add them to the office kitchen!

Best of luck with the transition, while you may experience some initial pushback, they’ll be thanking you in the long run for being an inspiration for change.

Be sure to check back with us frequently for more information on how to streamline your business!

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