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A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Scope Mounts

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The average number of hunters in the U.S.A is around 11.5 million strong, with the average spend on rifles and ammunition sitting at approximately $25.6 billion per annum. 

Part of this expenditure is finding the right additions to go with your rifle, handgun, or shotgun. 

Trying to up your hunting game? Then you need to find the right scope mount for your gun.

There are several different types of scope mounts. If you’re in search of the best rifle scope mounts and rings, check out this complete guide!

Types of Scope Mounts

So you’re in the market for a new rifle scope mount but which mount, rings, and base should you buy?

What you need to remember on your search is that trying to save money should not be your ultimate goal, if your scope mount isn’t doing its job then you’ll have endless problems such as using too much ammunition and firing potentially dangerous shots from being off-target. 

If you invest in high-quality bases, rings, and mounts and they’re fitted correctly to your rifle then you’ll find an absolute peace of mind on your next hunting trip. If you want to find out how to select the right scope mount, read on! 

Fixed Scope Mounts 

Fixed scope mounts are exactly as you imagine, they are permanently fixed to your rifle. Once they’ve been attached to your rifle, you cannot remove it.

A fixed scope mount is generally the answer if you don’t have enough space between the center hub and the bells for a different type of scope. 

Detachable Scope Mounts

Detachable systems are scope mounts that allow you to remove the scope from the gun, particularly if you find the optic is failing while you’re out hunting or if you’re in close range and find you don’t need the scope. 

This is a good option if you own more than one gun, as you could potentially have the mount fitted to both firearms so that you can use one scope for both. 

So, What Are Rings and Bases?

Irrespective of which scope mount you choose to go with, you’re going to need to be in the know when it comes to rings and bases. 

Rings and bases are both needed for successful scope mount installation. 

What Are Bases?

Bases can come in one-piece systems or two-piece systems. 

A one-piece base is reported to interfere with loading and unloading your rifle, however, they’re the best when it comes to the resistance of recoil. 

What Are Rings?

Rings are made to perfectly match the base they’re intended to go with. If you’ve chosen a Weaver-style base then you’re going to want to go with Weaver-style rings to ensure optimum performance of your scope mount. 

Scoping Success 

Researching the types of scope mounts can be a daunting task, the best way may be to find yourself a gun shop and talk to an expert. You may find that you’re able to test a few rifles before you make your final decision. 

Head on over to the firearms and gun safety section of our special interests category to find out more about safely storing your firearms and more. 

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