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Moving 101: How to Move to a New City

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One of the most exciting, yet at the same time scariest, propositions that you’ll face in your lifetime is the prospect of moving to a new city. You’re looking forward to the change and experiencing the new culture, but you’re also apprehensive about whether you’ll make friends and enjoy your new location.

And then there’s the process of moving. Few people know how to move to a new city in the most efficient, painless matter. Well, we’re here to change that. In this article, we’ll explain all the things you need to keep in mind as you prepare for this life-changing event.

Find a Long-Term Place Beforehand

First things first: figure out where you’re going to stay long-term before you move. Too many people think that they can’t find the right place to move to from far away, and so decide to stay in a motel or some other kind of temporary accommodation until they can find a long-term arrangement.

The truth is, however, that finding what you like takes time. And once you find what you like, you still have to go through all the paperwork, credit checks, etc. before you can move in.

The bill for the short-term stay, then, can add up very quickly and easily exceed what you were expecting. Not to mention, but you also have to store all of your belongings somewhere while you live at the motel, and also have to move them again into your new home.

With the modern age that we live in, everything in the process of finding a new place to live, from looking up apartments on the website to signing a lease, can be done online. Take advantage of that.

Use a Full Service Moving Company

When you’re moving, you’re under enough stress as it is. Don’t put more stress on yourself by trying to manage moving all of your belongings in yourself with a personal vehicle. Instead, try using a full service moving company that will take most of the pain out of moving home. 

Reach Out to Your Network

When you move into your new city, you’re going to want people to hang out with and become friends with. No matter how hard you try, the list of old friends from your previous city will slowly pare down over time. Distance is a real thing that ends friendships.

Thus, make the most of your network in order to find new people to hang out with. Post on Facebook when you move or reach out to an alumni association. Chances are, that shy guy or gal that you studied with once for an English test freshman year of college is also in the city and wants to be your friend! 

How to Move to a New City in 2020

There you have it — armed with this info on how to move to a new city, you’re all set to begin making one of the most significant life decisions you’ll make.

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