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How to Add Music to a Video to Make It Pop

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We live in the age of entertainment, and more people than ever are sharing video content on a variety of platforms. And with a wide array of video editing apps right on your phone and easy to learn and use software available, it’s never been easier to create engaging videos for your friends and followers.

If you’re wondering how to add music to a video, we’ve got your complete guide here. Keep reading to learn how to make your videos pop!

Adding the Right Music

The music you choose to lay behind your video will drastically influence the overall feel of the video. Don’t believe us?

Think about the commercials for animal shelters. They lay soft, sad, tear-jerking tunes that have you reaching for your wallet in no time. If they put happy, spunky music behind the footage of the animals, you’d instead think, “Oh, what sweet, happy animals!” and move on with your day. The sad music cues you that these are not sweet, happy animals, but animals that need help.

Decide on the tone you’re trying to set and pick appropriately. 

Staying Legal

It would be nice if you could just go through your personal playlist and choose any song you happen to like. Unfortunately, music is protected by copyright laws that prohibit its use without correct licensing.

Meaning while that Rihanna song might be perfect for the vibe you’re trying to send, you risk legal action if you use it without permission.

However, there are a number of royalty-free music sites online. Artists contribute their music to these sites and allow their usage in media. Some stipulate certain guidelines that must be met, such as the artist’s name mentioned in credits or that the song is only allowed for non-commercial use.

Most, however, offer a number of good backing tracks in all different genres and feels. The music won’t be the same as the current Top 100 list, but it will allow you to add music to your video legally.

Find out how to find free music!

How to Add Music to a Video

Once you’ve found the right music, it’s time to add it to your video!

There are a variety of apps and software that allow you to edit video and cut it with effects and music. The process, however, is similar.

1. Open Your Video

Using your video editing app or software, open the video you wish to add music to. You can also import other media like photos to create the video you desire.

2. Add Your Music

Once you’re satisfied with the video, add your music. If it’s a saved file, import the media and add it to your timeline. If you’re working with an app that has built-in music, find the right track and add it to the video.

3. Adjust the Timeline

Cut and edit the track to match your video, paying attention to where you want the music to be quieter or where crescendos and high notes should hit. Once you’re satisfied, download your finished video and start sharing!

Time to Make Your Videos Pop!

Now that you know how to add music to a video, it’s time to go get creating!

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