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The Best Beauty Tips to Share

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We wouldn’t dream of keeping beauty tips all to ourselves!

Everyone deserves to know the hidden wonders of effortless beauty. Are you looking for skin hacks or hair secrets? We’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll share the tips that will change your beauty routine for the better.

Tuck Your Hair While It Air-Dries

If you have fine hair that doesn’t hold a wave, try this tip. Tucking your hair behind your ear will give it a slight wave while it air-dries.

No need for any heat tools or products. After washing with a sulfate free shampoo, use this helpful hack for effortless waves.

Don’t Dry Your Hair in a Towel

You knew all of those T-shirts would come in handy. Use a clean T-shirt instead of a regular towel to wrap your hair after a shower. It helps it dry faster, reduces frizziness and breakage.

If you’re going for beachy waves, use a paper towel to help air-dry your hair. Scrunch up your curls with a paper towel, and they will bounce back to life.

Apply Sunscreen, Rain or Shine

You don’t need to be going to the beach to put sunscreen on. Did you know that the majority of the sun’s ultraviolet rays pass through the clouds?

Don’t neglect the beauty tips that are about protection. You want to have healthy skin without the makeup.

Natural Ways to Lighten Hair

Ease up on the bleach. Rinse your hair with a mixture of chamomile and fresh lemon juice to lighten your locks.

Allow your hair to air-dry in the sun or use a blow dryer — the heat will lighten your hair a shade or two.

Put Eyeliner in the Freezer

Do you have a bad case of crumbly eyeliner? Place it in the freezer for 15 minutes before applying. It will glide much easier after this hack.

Get the Softest Legs Ever

Out of shaving cream? Get creative! Lather your legs with conditioner or oil. This makes the hair easier to shave and leaves your skin feeling silky.

Rinse Hair With Beer

Who knew adding beer to your beauty regimen was so necessary? Rinsing your hair with beer retains moisture to your locks.

Moisture is essential to helping your hair look healthy from root to tips. This can also help you retain length.

Get Curlier Lashes

If you want eyelashes that curl up, heat your lash curler with a hair dryer before using.

Be careful not to burn yourself! If the curler is too hot to touch, let it cool down before you take it to your eyes.

Freeze Acne Away

If you are suffering from a bad breakout, massage an ice cube over your face until it melts. Do it every night to get acne under control. This also helps minimize bloating and wrinkles.

De-Puff Your Eyes

Cutting back on carbs? Use those potatoes to reduce bags under your eyes. Place raw potato slices underneath your eyes to reduce puffiness.

Potatoes are astringent so they help decrease water retention. They also contain catalase which helps lighten dark under eye circles.


The most important beauty tip? Smile! It’s the most beautiful asset you have. Having a positive attitude gives anyone a natural glow!

Go Share These Beauty Tips!

We shared these tips with you, now go pay it forward! Share these tips on social media, tell your friends and use them as often as possible.

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