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8 Personal Characteristics Of Highly Successful People

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“Success leaves clues.”

The above quote was made famous by Tony Robbins and one often referenced in the business community.

What it means is that people who achieve extraordinary success leave clues as to how they arrived at the accomplishments that make people aspire to be like them.

The job then for every person looking to be successful is to identify those clues, embody them, and reap the benefits.

To discover what makes an inspirational figure in business successful, you generally don’t have to look further than their personal characteristics. These are core values that successful people live by and have made them who they are.

Practicing those values consistently is what allows them to inch towards and eventually achieve their larger than life goals.

Here are 8 Personal Characteristics Of Highly Successful People

1) Passion

If you don’t love what you’re doing, you’re either going to give up or be miserable.

Being successful at something takes a tremendous amount of effort and the road to success is littered with failure. That combination of hard work and setbacks can make for a lot of days where quitting seems inevitable.

Successful people are less susceptible to giving up because they love the grind.

People who find success can have a horrible day and still get up the next morning, ready to fight and push towards their goals because their passion makes the lows of their journey tolerable and the highs euphoric.

2) Drive

There are no shortcuts to success, it takes unwavering consistency. The most successful people in the world don’t flinch in the face of failure, applaud the occasional overnight project, and don’t mind waking up early to get ahead.


Because their goals drive them.

The word “drive” is defined as an innate, bionically determined goal to satisfy a need.

When your goals are driving you, distractions fade into the background. All you’re capable of doing is looking ahead and pushing forward.

3) Communication

Successful people are successful communicators.

In their day to day business dealings, they don’t harbor silent grudges in the face of company conflict or send mixed messages to colleagues they disagree with. Successful people embody radical candor and use feedback, discussion, and debate to drive progress.

Good communication is also key to networking and the number of people you know will directly impact the level of success you achieve.

Ask yourself this question: How many people could you call right now, ask for a favor and they would make helping you their priority?

The more people you can name, the better your chances are of finding success.

4) Confidence

If you want to be successful you’d best either be born into confidence or practice every day until you develop it because confidence is one of the most important personal characteristics of success.

Successful people have been disagreed with, disregarded, discredited, insulted, jeered and just about every other negative thing in the book. Their confidence in their vision and in themselves is what allows them to overcome negativity and keep their vision alive.

If you’re successful, you’re capable of pushing towards your goals without a pat on the back, a loud round of applause or constant reassurance.

5) Honor

Call it honor, call it integrity, call it honesty, call it whatever you want-successful people have it.

A successful person is ethical. They don’t look to pass the buck when they make a mistake, they put the failure of their team on their shoulders, and are always accountable for their actions.

Being truthful with yourself, your colleges and business partners is key to maintaining a good reputation and reputation is critical to success.

Successful people understand that and make sure they always conduct themselves honorably.

6) Patience

Success found quickly is lost twice as fast. That’s why successful people commit to their vision for the long-haul.

When adversity strikes, people who are successful don’t make a 180, they tactically pivot to improve their chances and try again. The reason being that investing yourself in things that provide instant gratification is never as fruitful as throwing yourself into things that take time.

If your goals are easy to attain, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. Your willingness to make long-term investments, wait patiently, and endure failure will directly impact the degree of success you experience in life.

7) Curiosity

It’s a disease to be set in your ways and turn away from new ideas. Successful people are excited by innovation because it presents them with new opportunities to learn. That willingness to learn yields personal growth and personal growth allows people inspired by innovation to become the innovators.

Successful people understand that cycle and to that end, are constantly asking questions and looking to learn as much about as many things as possible.

Never forget that if you’ve been doing things the same way for a long time, your competition is or will soon pass you by.

8) Mentors

Finding success is great but sharing your success takes you to another level entirely.

Successful people who are willing to educate those around them extend their personal network, plant seeds of goodwill, and learn a lot in the process. Many of the students successful people inspire will end up working for them someday and a team that looks up to their leader is a team that will succeed.

Being successful can be an isolating experience and if you don’t make an attempt to share with others, your loneliness may lead to self-sabotage and destruction.

How Many of These Personal Characteristics of Success Do You Embody?

When you read through the above list do you see reflections of yourself? Do you see reflections of who you want to be?

It’s a misconception that successful people are born that way. Very few things in life are innate and you can incorporate everything mentioned on the list above into your life by making a conscious effort and creating good habits.

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