Benefits of Electric Cars

5 Incredible Benefits of Electric Cars

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Electric cars sound like a sci-fi nerds dream fantasy. Whether you’re a back to the future fan or not, you might have thought that by 2018 you’d be driving around in hover cars and trips from London to New York would be down to under an hour.

Sadly, we haven’t advanced quite as quickly as sci-fi movies would have had us believe. The good news, however, is that what we do have is some incredible electric cars.

If you’ve been pondering what exactly an electric car is, and what the benefits of them are, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will delve into five of the biggest benefits of electric cars and how they can benefit you in this modern world.

If you want to be an eco-warrior and make an impact on the environment — while also living out your sci-fi dreams, keep on reading.

What are Electric Cars?

Electric cars are the car industries answer to the eco-friendly car owner. No longer will you need to ride that bicycle 20 miles to work to keep your emissions low.

Instead, electric cars are here to stay, making a huge impact on today’s society. Back in 2016, there were already 1.2 million battery electric vehicles in use globally.

If you look at what’s happening just in the US in the last year, we’ve had some real jumps in electric car popularity. The Tesla has made a huge difference in the industry with the Tesla Model S being the best-selling all-electric car in the US selling 27,060 units.

All electric cars are vehicles that rely solely on electric for propulsion. Essentially these are cars that aren’t powered by gas or fossil fuels; they run on plain old electric.

You’ll find a variety of hybrids on the market that aim to give you both gas powered cars and electric as a secondary, which are a great step in the direction of electric powered cars.

But with electric cars, you might see some big benefits of going all in with the electric car craze.

Five Incredible Benefits of Electric Cars

To help you along with the process of finding the perfect car, we’ve put together a little list. This list will give you the five biggest benefits you’ll get from driving an all-electric car.

Are you excited? You should be.

1. You Don’t Need Gas

This one might seem obvious, but when you run an electric car, you no longer need to spend a fortune at the pumps. With the average American citizen spending over $2,000 per year just on filling up the tank, that’s some major cost savings you can expect over the lifetime of your vehicle.

If you have the car five years, that means you’ll have saved over $10,000 just in fuel alone. Full electric cars are a great way to reduce this cost, and not every electric car has to cost an arm and a leg like the Tesla.

The Nissan Leaf, for example, is a very cost-effective car which could end up paying for itself when you consider the savings you can make on fuel alone.

You’ll find that these models not only save you money on gas. You can also get tax credits when purchasing them. The Nissan Leaf, for example, gives you a whopping $7,500 in federal income tax credit.

You can even find leasing options are attractive too with the lease companies passing on the savings of the income tax credit into the cost of the lease. All in all, it makes electric cars a seriously affordable option to consider.

2. Since You Don’t Need Oil, Expect Lower Maintenance Costs

On top of the gas savings and the income tax credits, you can also expect lower maintenance costs with an electric car. Since these cars are fully electric, you’re not going to need any oil for lubricating the engine.

The means you can say goodbye to oil changes and a lot of gas related expensive engine repairs. The typical repairs that you might expect on your regular gas-powered car don’t happen in an electric car.

You’ll also find that brakes won’t wear out as quickly, so you’ll be needing to replace your brake pads a lot less than you do on your regular car now.

3. Better For the Environment

So we’ve realized some incredible benefits about the cost savings of an electric car, and we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet. One of the big reasons that people are switching to electric cars is the environmental savings.

Electric cars don’t run on gas so you can say goodbye to pollution. Just knowing you’re making a difference can be rewarding enough.

Helping to reduce harmful emissions is one of the big differences you’ll have when driving an electric car. A fully electric car has zero exhaust emissions.

If you’ve built a dream home with eco capabilities, you’ll also benefit the environment if you’re using renewable energy to charge up your car. This will help to reduce down your greenhouse gases even further.

You can charge up your car from solar panels in the day. This website keeps you up to date on the latest advancements in lithium-ion batteries so you can stay ahead of the curve with all things electric.

4. Safety While Driving

You’ll also find that electric cars are safer to drive. Electric cars tend to have lower centers of gravity.

This means they are less likely to roll over. They can also have a much lower risk level for fires or explosions.

The body construction of electric cars also makes them safer in a collision.

5. Reduced Noise Pollution

One of the final benefits of electric cars is the decrease in noise pollution. In our ever increasingly loud world, this is a welcome change.

By reducing the noise pollution, electric cars help to promote a lovely environment in your neighborhood. Away from the overwhelming noise levels of gas-powered cars.

Will You Make the Switch to Electric?

The benefits of electric cars are overwhelming. Recent advancements in technology have seen the popularity of these vehicles sore, especially in the US.

For more information on helping the environment, check out some of our other articles.

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