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How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a DIY Spa

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With nearly 100 million spa visits around the country, it’s clear that spa treatments are now a part of life. Even for those of us without big spa budgets, the elements of a home spa are within our reach. With a few small changes, you can have your own DIY spa.

Here are 3 elements for creating a fun and relaxing DIY spa that will make anyone jealous of you.

1. Scents Are Essential

Some scientists would argue that our sense of smell is our most important sense. It connects to memory and emotion in a way that taste, hearing, and touch can’t. When you set the mood with lovely scents, you can transport yourself somewhere you’ve never been before.

Whether you choose candles, incense, or oils, there are a lot of ways to get a unique scent that moves your from your bathroom into your fantasy spa. With an oil warmer, you can fill the air with a soft fragrance that isn’t overpowering and doesn’t come with the smokiness of a candle.

2. Get Some New Fabrics

Fabrics are important in creating your home spa. Being able to wrap up with thick warm fabrics and terry cloth can help to immerse you into the feeling of being at a spa. The feeling on your skin after a steamy bath or a hot shower will help you to embrace the spa treatment.

Start by buying yourself a load of new towels. Those ratty, worn out, and tired looking towels won’t give you the feeling you’re looking for. Buy some dense and fluffy terry cloth towels reserved for just this.

A big fluffy bathrobe will help to add to the spa feeling. Get a few dense carpets to put beneath your feet so you can be stepping on warm and soft space while you shave, pluck your eyebrows, or do your nails.

3. Upgrade Your Bath

A little pricier and more invasive, but no less important, are home upgrades you can do to your bathroom. While you might not be able to tear out the walls to add steam vents throughout the bathroom, if you’re thinking of renovations, start with your bath.

You could add some extra space for a seat. If you have an enclosed glass shower door, you could create a small steam room for a spa treatment. After a long day, nothing could be nicer than taking a steam shower.

Add a bathtub with some bubbling jets and now you’re talking about relaxation.

A Home Spa is Completely Within Your Reach

While the concept of home renovations might sound daunting, just a few spa visits could be costing you the same that you would spend to renovate your shower. A home spa that you could enjoy for an hour before getting back to your daily life could be just the answer to your stressful 9-5.

If you’re thinking of getting into massage, check out our guide for the DIY massage route.

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