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7 Clever DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas That Will Help You Declutter

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It’s unfortunate that you can’t wear every bit of jewelry that you own on a daily basis. It could be because the jewels don’t go with your outfit, the metals don’t match, or maybe there is just too much of it.

Regardless, leaving jewelry out on the counter or dresser is a sure way to lose it or misplace it. Standard boxes can seem passe, so we’ve collected 7 fun DIY jewelry storage ideas to store your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings! Keep reading for more information!

Painted Burlap

This is the cutest idea for earrings that you don’t want to lose! All you need is a pretty picture frame, burlap, stencils, glue, and a bit of paint.

If you’d like, paint the frames a color to match your room. Cover the burlap piece in some paint, and let dry. Once dry, place the stencil you’d like and paint over it; remove the stencil, and carefully glue to the frame.

Beach Days

If you have access to pretty driftwood, this is a perfect DIY for you! Once you find a nice piece of sea wood, paint it in color blocks or leave it natural.

Screw in some hooks to the part that you’d like as the bottom, and lightly tap in some picture frame hangers to the back.

Stacking Plates

Pretty plates, glue, and simple candlestick holders! Use one plate as your base, glue a candlestick stick holder to it, then place another smaller plate on top. If you’d like you can add a third tier as well by repeating the same process.

Trees in the Breeze

A darling vase and a few sticks that are around 1-2 feet. Arrange the sticks in the vase and use to display all of your jewelry!


Paint and frame a pegboard. You can decorate soup cans for storage and hang pegboard hooks to drape necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Add a 5×5 section of chicken wire fencing for dangly earrings.

Old Window Frames

Look for an old window frame at your local flea market. Sand it down and paint it or leave as is. Use a pegboard in one section for dangly items.

Place burlap in another section for less dangly earrings and hang hooks from one end to hold longer necklaces. This is somewhat of a combination but can serve all of your purposes.

Kitchen Drawer Dreams

Not everyone is super creative nor do they have the time for the projects above. One of the best jewelry organizers is a utensil organizer.

It might be simple, but it does the job. If you keep your jewelry on the counter or dresser, consider dressing the organizer up with your favorite color paint!

Final Thoughts: Jewelry Storage Ideas

Some of these DIY jewelry storage ideas take a bit of time, others might take some skill. No matter which project you choose, your jewelry will be organized, ready to be worn, and never misplaced or lost!

If you’d like some more fun DIY ideas, check out our blog!

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